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400 potential government assassinations: Plane crashes, suicides, murders and cases of "erotic asphyxiation" that need additional investigation

By: Joël van der Reijden | Original: October 12, 2013 | Last update: July 29, 2014


"Last July a colonel in Italy's military intelligence service, Mario Ferraro, was found hanged from a bath rail by his dressing gown cord ... Ferraro, it turns out, was working to unravel a massive global traffic in arms, drugs, radioactive materials and gems. ... Among international figures wanted for questioning [is] Licio Gelli, the Grandmaster of the illegal Italian Masonic Lodge, P2. ... This motley crew is named in connection with trafficking everything from Kalashnikovs to plutonium, and recycling the profits through some surprising channels including the ... Vatican Bank. ... Colonel Ferraro almost certainly died because he knew too much. The magistrate in charge of the inquiry team, Alfredo Ormanni**, believes they have reached a crucial stage by uncovering the core mechanism at the heart of the operation, code-named "Cheque to cheque" by Italian police."

Description of a network that sounds an awful lot like the ones given about the "black network", "the nebula" and "the Octopus". (June 3, 1996, The Independent, 'Death, drugs and diamonds in tale of global conspiracy')

** Interesting coincidence: this is the same Torre Annunziata prosecutor whose office in 2000 brought out information on a Russian-centered pedophile snuff ring, a scandal that was completely covered up - a fact that Ormani complained about. Torre Annunziata is a small city with 45,000 inhabitants at the foot of Mount Vesuvius. In essence it's a suburb of Naples. ISGP suspects the two scandals might be linked and part of what was described by Belgian officials as "la Nebuleuse".


Rating system

Deaths pertaining to:

John F. Kennedy assassination
Lockheed and Northrop affairs
Colonel Cutolo affidavit (CIA-Mossad assassinations related to drug trafficking)
Riconosciuto/Robert Booth Nichols/Ted Gunderson/Wackenhut-related
Franklin/Craig Spence affairs
Clinton deaths: Arkansas drug trade
Clinton deaths: sex scandals
Clinton deaths: WACO
Clinton deaths: Others
Anthrax mailings
Mexican drug cartel/government/CIA related murders
United States: various
Great Britain
Estonia cruise ferry sinking
Mainland Europe: other
Operation Condor
Russian apartment bombings, Far West and other cases
Lebanon: Rafic Hariri assassination

"[There was] an explosion aboard the plane and then several smaller ones."

Harold Julian, the only (temporary) survivor of the plane crash that killed United Nations secretary general Dag Hammarskjold, who, together with JFK, was trying to keep Patrice Lumumba in power in the Congo. All three were greatly opposed by the CIA and the Belgian colonists - and all three died under mysterious circumstances. There have been international calls to reopen the investigation. (September 19, 1961, Chicago Daily Tribune, 'Explosions in Dag Plane')



Over the course of all the years doing research for this site, I have come across a great many suspicious deaths, especially when investigating the right-wing of the political spectrum: Le Cercle, the American Security Council and all the deep, dark conspiracies their members have been involved in. Of a total of about 600 peculiar deaths, just over 350 of the more promising ones have been listed below.

Keep in mind, it is absolutely impossible to have studied each and every case. That's the job of the mainstream media, a job they usually refuse to do. The information will be updated whenever possible.

Basic chart of who is behind various conspiracies, including assassinations. Ted Shackley and his old JM/WAVE group in the U.S., Stefano Delle Chiaie in Italy, Baron de Bonvoisin and Major Jean Bougerol in Belgium are among those who have been linked to a lot of the dirty work, including assassinations. These men were involved in the Cercle network, which also included the World Anti-Communist League and the American Security Council. Orders usually came from a higher level: the State Department, the national security advisor, the defense secretary and/or the president.

Rating system

Still a bit experimental. Meant to help readers quickly zoom in on some of the most promising cases. However, it takes a very long time to weigh each individual case and many will probably never be seriously evaluated by me. Keep in mind that even one or two stars can mean a very promising case. The usual problem is just that too little research has been done or that important details of the trial have never been dug up and made available to the public.

Stars Explanation
Blank Not rated yet. Often did study those cases to an extent already.
Death worth noting due to potential motive, position of the person, or unusual circumstances of the death, but officially no reason to suspect foul play.
Either a strong motive with virtual absence of any evidence/accusations (usually due to a lack of investigation), or the reverse: a death in which there's evidence of a cover up, but without knowing the potential motive. Or potentially a very powerful case, but reported by a questionable source.
A motive combined with evidence/accusations of a cover-up. Or potentially a very powerful motive without witness testimony or known physical evidence.
Strong motive and evidence from multiple sources (testimonial, physical) that the official story is incorrect.
Strong motive and overwhelming evidence from multiple, indisputable sources (testimonial, physical) that the official story is incorrect. Very rare.
Strong motive and overwhelming evidence from multiple, indisputable sources (testimonial, physical) that the official story is incorrect, followed by a conviction (or official admission) in which the government is implicated. No known cases in the West.


John F. Kennedy assassination

Most early deaths related to the Kennedy assassination involve persons with ties to Lee Harvey Oswald, Jack Ruby and Guy Banister. Most of these people appear to be corrupt insiders. When the Jim Garrison trial kicks off in February 1967, a few more curious deaths occur related to the same persons. Now everyone that dies is basically a questionable individual. Also, by this time a few ordinary witnesses have made curious adjustments to their testimonies. A final and much higher level wave of deaths takes place when in 1976 the House Select Committee on Assassinations (HSCA) kicks off a new investigation, as a result of numerous books and a first public broadcast of the Zapruder film in March 1975. This time most of Jack Ruby's old mafia bosses and associates are offed, a key aristocratic Oswald associate commits suicide, and during the course of the investigation even two key FBI and CIA men suspected of largely having ran the JFK and RFK assassinations also die. Like most other victims, these individuals were about to be subpoenaed by the HSCA.

Aug. 29, 1962 Robert and Nancy Perrin Suicide / wife followed around
Nov. 22, 1963 John F. Kennedy Shot to death
Nov. 24, 1963 Lee Harvey Oswald Shot to death
1963-1964 Constine Alfred Droby Heavy intimidation, but lived  
Jan. 23, 1964 Warren A. Reynolds Shot in the head but lived
Feb. 13, 1964 Betty Mooney McDonald Suicide
Apr. 23, 1964 Bill Hunter Accidentally shot by cops
May 8, 1964 J. Garret "Garry" Underhill Suicide
May 23, 1964 DeLesseps Morrison, Sr. Plane crash  
May 23, 1964 Hugh F. Ward Plane crash
Jun. 6, 1964 Guy Banister Heart attack (age 64)
Jul. 21, 1964 Dr. Mary S. Sherman Found stabbed and burned
Sep. 19, 1964 James F. "Jim" Koethe Neck broken with a blow
Oct. 12, 1964 Mary Pinchot Meyer Shot to death  
Mar. 27, 1965 Tom Howard Heart attack
May 28, 1965 Maurice Brooks Gatlin Fall from building after heart attack
Sep. 4, 1965 Rose Cheramie Unusual traffic accident
Nov. 8, 1965 Dorothy Kilgallen Alcohol-barbiruature overdose
Nov. 10, 1965 Florence Pritchett Cerebral hemorrhage
Dec. 18, 1965 William H. Whaley Traffic accident  
Jan. 9, 1966 Earlene Roberts Heart attack (harassed)
Aug. 9, 1966 Lee H. Bowers, Jr. Traffic accident
Oct. 23, 1966 John D. Sullivan Suicide by shooting himself in the balls during a hunting trip
Nov. 6, 1966 James R. Worrell, Jr. Traffic accident
Unknown Jack S. Martin Unknown
Jan. 3, 1967 Jack Ruby Lung cancer and blood clot at the same time. Signs ignored.
Feb. 22, 1967 David Ferrie Suicide or natural causes
Feb. 22, 1967 Eladio del Valle Murdered
Mar. 30, 1967 George Piazza Plane crash
1967 Herbert R. Wagner, Jr. Harassed, but lived
Jan. 11, 1968 Jim Hicks Fake Garrison witness thrown through hotel window, but lived  
May 25, 1968 Nicholas J. Chetta Natural causes? (age 50) New Orleans coroner who aided Garrison in his manipulations.
Jan. 27, 1969 Dr. Henry Delaune (brother-in-law of Nicholas Chetta) Shot to death  
Jan. 10, 1971 Jules E. Delaune Natural causes? (age 48)
Jun. 6, 1968 Robert F. Kennedy Assassinated
Oct. 16, 1972 Hale Boggs Plane crash
Aug. 15, 1974 Clay Shaw Lung cancer
1974 Joseph Milteer Gas explosion
1974 Dave Yaras (mafia) Murdered
May 15, 1975 Roger Craig Suicide (and attempts)  
Jun. 19, 1975 Sam Giancana (CIA-mafia) Murdered
Jul. 30, 1975 Jimmy Hoffa (CIA-mafia) Murdered
Jul. 28, 1976 John Roselli (CIA-mafia) Murdered
Mar. 29, 1977 Charles Nicoletti (mafia) Murdered
May 14, 1977 Lou Staples Suicide
Mar. 29, 1977 George de Mohrenschildt Suicide
Nov. 9, 1977 William C. Sullivan (FBI) Accidentally shot by hunter  
May 8, 1978 David S. Morales (CIA) Heart attack (age 52)
Sep. 24, 1978 John Arthur Paisley (CIA) Suicide, but found shot and floating with weights still on  
1979 Antonio Veciana Shot in the head but lived
Mar. 14, 1980 Allard Lowenstein Shot to death  


Lockheed and Northrop affairs

1975 Eli Black Jumped from Manhattan office
1975 Gen. Paul Stehlin Traffic accident
1975 Robert N. Water Shot to death
1976 Yoshio Kodama Plane crashed on his house, but he lived  
1979 Mitsuhiro Shimada Jumped from Tokyo office



1976 James W. Howe Suicide
1977 Alexi(s) Goodarzi Murdered


Colonel Cutolo affidavit (CIA-Mossad assassinations related to drug trafficking)

1977 Col. Robert Bayard Murdered
1980 Archbishop Oscar Romero Murdered by death squad leader Roberto D'Aubuisson  
1980 Col. A.J. "Bo" Baker Unknown
1980 Col. Edward Cutolo Traffic accident
1989 Col. Nick Rowe Drive-by shooting
Jun. 1989 Hugh Pearce Helicopter crash
Aug. 13, 1989 Larkin Smith Plane crash
January 1990 Arik Afek Found stuffed in the trunk of a car in Miami. Not mentioned in obituary: turned Colombian cartel enforcers into ultra-right, anti-"communist" death squads, along with Israeli colonel Yair Klein.  
Apr. 29, 1990 Paul Neri Unknown


Riconosciuto/Robert Booth Nichols/Ted Gunderson/Wackenhut-related

Jul. 2, 1981 Alfred Alvarez Shot to death
Jan. 14, 1982 Paul Morasca Bound and executed
Jan. 18, 1982 Mary Quick Shot to death
1983 Thomas Wilhite Killed  
Feb. 1987 Larry Guerrin Killed  
Mar. 1987 Darlene Novinger (husband) Beaten to death  
Feb. 6, 1989 David Mayer Shot to death  
Jun. 19, 1991 Alan Michael May Heart attack  
1991 Anson Ng Shot to death  
Aug. 10, 1991 Danny Casolaro Suicide
Aug. 18, 1992 Vali Delahanty Murdered  
Dec. 2, 1992 Pete Sandvigen Murdered  
Apr. 1993 John Crawford Heart attack
Jul. 23, 1993 Paul D. Wilcher Found dead  
July 1993 Darlene Novinger (father) Found dead  



Considering E-Systems bought the CIA drug trafficking airline Air Asia in 1975, similar accusations against E-Systems, combined with the integration of high technology, shouldn't be that surprising. Former CIA director Admiral Raborn, also of SAIC and Wackenhut, was on the board of E-Systems from 1970 until his death in 1990. The company has had other senior CIA personnel on its board. Besides drug trafficking, various peculiar deaths have also been reported. As is the case with several other affairs, we absolutely do need more details on these deaths to ever seriously analyze them.

1987 Winfred E. Richardson Bomb
Aug. 1996 Richardson (brother) Fast-acting cancer  
1990s Mark Biggerstaff (boyfriend of Richardson's daughter) Hung himself  
1991 Mike Todd Accidental asphyxiation with a dog collar  
Unknown Gerald Kinworthy Traffic accident  
Unknown Troy Fitch Fast-acting cancer  
Unknown Vince Mahan Stroke (previously had foot blown off in a car bomb)  
Unknown Jim Maddox (brother) Traffic accident  
Unknown David Parker (girlfriend) Found dead  
Unknown Bill Keen Car rammed and almost ran over  
1994 Michele Cooper (son) Sniffing glue  
1998 Michele Cooper Fast-acting cancer


Franklin/Craig Spence affairs

Names primarily taken from the book of Senator John DeCamp, 'The Franklin Cover-Up', 2nd edition, and also from Nick Bryant's 'The Franklin Scandal'.

Nov. 10, 1989 Craig Spence Suicide
Oct. 1989 Kathleen Sorenson Traffic accident  
Jul. 11, 1990 Gary Caradori Plane crash  
Mar. 1991 Newt Copple Died in sleep  
1991 Clare Howard Died in sleep  
Unknown Mike Lewis Severe diabetic reaction  
Unknown Joe Malek Suicide  
Unknown Bill Baker Found shot in back of the head  
Unknown Shawn Boner Russian roulette  
Unknown Aaron Owen Suicide by hanging in jail cell  
Unknown Charlie Rogers Shotgun suicide  
Unknown Dan Ryan Found suffocated in car  
Unknown Bill Skoleski Heart attack  
Unknown Curtis Tucker Jumped out of hotel window  
Unknown Harmon Tucker Murdered  


Clinton deaths: Arkansas drug trade

Two documentaries that are a really great start are Pat Matrisciana's 'The Clinton Chronicles' (1994) and 'Obstruction of Justice: The Mena Connection' (1996). They appear to be first-rate investigative journalism, but do keep in mind that Matrisciana belongs to a right-wing, Republican CIA group and was fully backed by Richard Mellon Scaife (who in the late 1980s, by the way, was at CSIS, with Kissinger, Brzezinski, Woolsey, Rothschild, Davignon, etc. - and was on a referral list of the CIA) and Reverend Jerry Falwell (close to the ASC. and thus CIA).

Aug. 22, 1987 Don Henry Overrun by train
Aug. 22, 1987 Kevin Ives Overrun by train
May 17, 1988 Keith Coney Motorcycle accident
Nov. 10, 1988 Keith McCaskill Stabbed to death
Jan. 22, 1989 Gregory "Fat Greg" Collins Shot to death
April 1989 Jeffrey Rhodes Kidnapped and executed
July 1989 Richard Winters Shot during a robbery
June 1990 Jordan Kettleson Found shot to death in his car
Feb. 19, 1986 Barry Seal Shot to death
1994 Florence Martin Shot to death


Clinton deaths: sex scandals

A lot of these names also come back in the earlier-mentioned documentaries.

Feb. 15, 1977 Suzanne Coleman Suicide
1986 Judi Gibbs Fire
Jun. 26, 1992 Gary Johnson Almost beaten to death
May 10, 1993 Kathy Ferguson Suicide
Jun. 12, 1993 Bill Shelton Suicide
Sep. 26, 1993 Jerry Parks Shot to death
Nov. 29, 1993 Edward E. "Ed" Willey, Jr. Suicide


Clinton deaths: WACO

ATF agents who died at WACO reportedly were all four former bodyguards of Clinton. Didn't check.

1993 Steve Willis Shot to death
1993 Robert Williams Shot to death
1993 Conway LeBleu Shot to death
1993 Todd McKeehan Shot to death


Clinton deaths: Others

Certainly not all other deaths attributed to Clinton.

Jul. 30, 1992 C. Victor Raiser, II Plane crash
Jan. 8, 1994 Gandy Baugh Suicide
Mar. 1, 1994 Herschel Friday Plane crash
1994 Baugh's law partner Suicide
Mar. 3, 1994 Dr. Ronald Rogers Plane crash
Jul. 20, 1993 Vince Foster Suicide
Aug. 15, 1993 Jon Walker Fall from building
Jun. 23, 1994 Stanley Huggins Virulent pneumonia
Apr. 3, 1996 Ron Brown Plane crash  
Apr. 3, 1996 Shelly Kelly Plane crash  
Apr. 6, 1996 Niko Jerkuić Suicide  



July 24, 2001 Prince Fahd bin Salman Unknown  
Jul. 22, 2002 Prince Ahmed bin Salman bin Abdul-Aziz Heart attack (age 43)
Jul. 23, 2002 Prince Sultan bin Faisal bin Turki al-Saud Traffic accident
Jul. 29, 2002 Prince Fahd bin Turki bin Saud al-Kabir Died of thirst in the desert
Feb. 20, 2003 Mushaf Ali Mir Plane crash
June 26, 2002 Arne Kruithof Survived plane crash
Jan. 24, 2003 Rudi Dekkers Survived helicopter crash
Aug. 19, 2008 Barry Jennings Unknown
Jul. 16, 2011 Danny Jowenko Traffic accident (no witnesses)


Anthrax mailings

These mailings happened in the weeks immediately after 9/11. The letters were sent to liberal establishment senators and media outlets and were accompanied by claims as "Death to America... Death to Israel... Allah is Great". Microbiologist Bruce Ivens at USAMRIID, Fort Detrick was the lead investigator of the (highly weaponized) Anthrax spores, but eventually became the main suspect. He died soon after.

July 29, 2008 Bruce Edward Ivens Apparent suicide


Mexican drug cartel/government/CIA related murders

May 30, 1984 Manuel Buendia Shot to death
May 31, 1984 Javier Juarez Vasquez Tortured and murdered  
Feb. 9, 1985 Enrique "Kiki" Camarena Tortured to death  
Nov. 4, 2008 Juan Camilo Mourino Plane crash  
Nov. 4, 2008 Jose Luis Santiago Plane crash  
Nov. 11, 2008 Francisco Blake Mora Helicopter crash  

Information that came out in the wake of the Kiki Camarena death clearly demonstrates that the CIA and Mexican government have been working hand in hand with the drug cartels, with the CIA apparently controlling and employing them as right wing death squads.

Hundreds of journalists have been murdered or disappeared in Mexico in the past decades.

In Ciudad Juarez, on the border with the U.S., many hundreds of young girls, mainly between the ages of 12 and 20, have disappeared since 1993. They are found dead within days, weeks, and sometimes after a year or more. Besides rape, one often-seen pattern is that many women are found with a nipple bitten off and the other breast slashed with a knife.

One woman, Rocio Barrazza Gallegos, was raped and killed in a police parking lot inside the patrol car of a cop assigned to the case of the disappearing women - clearly indicating police complicity.

In 2010 the mother of 16-year-old victim Rubi Marisol Frayre Escobedo was publicly executed by three masked men in front of the state governor's mansion where she was protesting the release of the main suspect: her daughter's boyfriend. Her husband's business was burned down at the same time and his brother was kidnapped. According to the mother, the boyfriend had joined the Zetas cartel after the daughter's disappearance and had threatened her. The media did no follow up reporting.


United States: various

Summer 1947 Harry Truman Letter bomb attempt  
Aug. 16, 1948 Harry Dexter White Heart Attack  
Nov. 28, 1953 Frank Olson Fell from window  
Apr. 4, 1968 Martin Luther King, Jr. Shot to death  
1970 Walter Reuther Plane crash (survived previous)
1972 Nick Begich, Sr. Plane crash with Hale Boggs  
Dec. 8, 1972 Dorothy Hunt UA Flight 553 crash  
1973 Charles Horman Murdered
1973 Frank Teruggi Murdered
Sep. 5, 1975 Gerald Ford attempt I Manson family member attempt  
Sep. 22, 1975 Gerald Ford attempt II Hearst employee waving gun  
1976 Jerry Lon Litton Plane crash
1978 Dick Obenshain Plane crash
1979 Frank Guzman Shot
1979 Joseph Brea Went missing
Jan. 1982 Jennie Soo Chin Went missing  
Apr. 13, 1982 Margaret Barbera Abducted and shot to death
1982 Jerry Daniels (CIA) Carbon monoxide poisoning
Oct. 26, 1982 Kevin Mulcahy (CIA) Still unknown after autopsy
1982 Gene Berry Shot
1982 Basil Abbott (wife) "Assassinated"
Jul. 1983 John David Pigg "Killed"
1985 David Williams Plane crash
Jul. 21, 1986 Cyrus Hashemi Rapidly onsetting leukemia
May 29, 1988 Salem bin Laden Plane crash
Dec. 1, 1988 Amiram Nir Plane crash
May 3, 1990 Mohammed Hammoud "Reportedly dead"  
Aug. 14, 1990 Dexter Jacobson Murdered  
Apr. 4, 1991 H. John Heinz III Plane crash
Apr. 5, 1991 Senator John Tower Plane crash
Jan. 22, 1991 Colonel James Sabow Suicide
Nov. 4, 1993 Carl Thomas Single-car traffic accident  
Apr. 5, 1995 Monte Overacre (CIA) Plane crash  
Apr. 27, 1996 William Colby (CIA) Boating accident
Jul. 20, 1997 James P. Atwood (CIA) Apparent embolism  
Aug. 1998 Horacio Estrada Suicide  
Feb. 8, 1999 Steve Kangas Committed suicide on a toilet near Scaife's office. Drunk and in the possession of Hitler's 'Mein Kampf' at the time.
Oct. 16, 2000 Mel Carnahan Plane crash  
July 19, 2001 Lori Klausutis Accidental death  
Jan. 25, 2002 J. Clifford Baxter Suicide
Oct. 25, 2002 Paul Wellstone Plane crash
Feb. 1, 2002 Daniel Pearl Kidnapped and murdered
Sep. 29, 2003 Bertha Champagne Accidentally crushed by car
Dec. 19, 2008 Michael Connell Plane crash
Aug. 8, 2010 Matthew Simmons Heart attack/drowned in hot tub
Jul. 28, 2010 Aaron Malone (son-in-law of Terry Smith) Plane crash
Aug. 9, 2010 Terry Smith (friend of Ted Stevens) Plane crash (survived others)
Aug. 9, 2010 Ted Stevens Plane crash
May 25, 2011 Deborah Palfrey Suicide  
June 18, 2013 Michael Hastings Car crash


Great Britain

1954 Maria Patino Goldsmith Cerebral hemorrhage at age 20
March 22, 1979 Sir Richard Sykes Shot by IRA.
March 30, 1979 Airey Neave Blown up by IRA bomb
Aug. 27, 1979 1st Earl Mountbatten Blown up by IRA bomb
Dec. 3, 1980 Christopher Tugendhat Almost shot by IRA
Nov. 14, 1981 Robert Bradford Shot dead by IRA
1982 Douglas Ross Natural causes during walk
1984 Hilda Murrell Murdered
1985 William McRae Found dead in car
1980s Barrie Peachman Suicide with shotgun
1990 Jonathan Moyle Died in his Chilean hotel room from "auto-erotic asphyxiation".  
1991 Lionel James Spontaneous coma and death
1991 Jane Renton Death threats
1991 David Hellier Ran off the road, but lived
1991 Robert Maxwell Fell from yacht and drowned
1994 Stephen Milligan Died from "erotic asphyxiation" during a "self-bondage" and cross-dressing session.  
1994 James Rusbridger Found hanging at home strapped in a diving suit and gas mask on: "erotic asphyxiation".  
1997 Lady Diana Traffic accident
2000 James Andanson Suicide by shooting himself and setting his car on fire
2003 David Kelly Suicide
2008 Michael J. Todd Suspected suicide
Aug. 15, 2010 Gareth Williams Found stuffed in a small bag at home: "erotic asphyxiation".  



1962 Enrico Mattei Plane crash  
1968 Colonel Renzo Rocca Suicide  
1969 General Carlo Ciglieri Single-car traffic accident  
1969 General Giorgio Manes Heart attack  
1969 Giuseppe Pinelli Jumped out of a window during police interrogation  
1974 Prince Valerio Borghese ---------------  
1977 General Mario Pensiero Traffic accident  
1977 Colonel Giansante Suicide  
1977 General Antonio Anza Suicide  
1977 General Mino Helicopter crash  
1977 Colonel Giuseppe Russo Murdered by mafia  
1978 Aldo Moro Kidnapped by Red Brigades and murdered  
1978 Renzo Tasselli Traffic accident  
Sep. 28, 1978 Pope John Paul I Suspected heart attack  
1979 Carmine Pecorelli Shot to death  
May 30, 1981 Pope John Paul II Almost killed by shooter  
1982 Roberto Calvi Found hanging from bridge  
1984 Carlo Pesenti Heart attack  
1980s Major Rossi Suicide  
1983 Emanuela Orlandi Disappeared at age 15.  
1985 Colonel Florio Traffic accident  
Jul. 1995 Mario Ferraro Murder



These names are discussed in more detail at this location.

Aug. 18, 1950 Julien Lahaut Drive-by shooting  
Around 1980 Miss Crockaert Traffic accident  
Mar. 13, 1981 Luc van den Daele Suicide  
Oct. 12, 1981 Adjutant Guy Goffinon Assassination attempt  
Oct. 26, 1981 Colonel Herman Vernaillen Assassination attempt  
Sep. 17, 1983 Elise Dewit Gang of Nijvel victim  
Sep. 17, 1983 Jacques Fourez Gang of Nijvel victim  
Oct. 2, 1983 Jacques Van Camp Gang of Nijvel victim  
Apr. 24, 1984 Paul Latinus Suicide  
Aug. 11, 1985 Jules Montel Murder  
Sep. 27, 1985 Leon Finne Gang of Nijvel victim  
Nov. 9, 1985 Jan Palsterman Gang of Nijvel victim  
Jan. 7, 1986 Juan Mendez Murder  
1989 Son of Joris Vivelle Murder  
Jul. 18, 1991 Andre Cools Murder  
May 14, 1993 Patrick Haemers Suicide  
Apr. 2, 1995 Jean-Pol Taminiau Murder  
Jul. 4, 1995 Alexandre Gosselin -------  
Jul. 26, 1995 Francois Reyskens Suicide  
Aug. 25, 1995 Guy Goebels Suicide  
Nov. 5, 1995 Bruno Tagliaferro Poisoned  
Around 1995 Bruno Vandeuren Murder  
Feb. 21, 1996 Simon Poncelet Murder  
Aug. 22, 1996 Michel Binon Suicide  
Dec. 5, 1996 Michel Piro Murder  
Jan. 1997 Theo Vandyck Stroke  
Feb. 25, 1997 Jean-Marc Houdmont Traffic accident  
Feb. 1997 Anonymous Almost traffic accident  
Mar. 5, 1997 Joseph Toussaint Heart attack  
Mar. 7, 1997 Christian Coenraets Suicide  
Apr. 25, 1997 José Steppe Unknown  
Jul. 2, 1997 Virginie Pinon Mucoviscidose  
Nov. 16, 1997 Gérard Vannesse Trombose  
Apr. 5, 1998 Brigitte Jenart Suicide  
Apr. 8, 1998 Anna Konjevoda Murder  
Nov. 15, 1998 Gina Pardaens-Bernaer Traffic accident  
Dec. 18, 1998 Fabienne Jaupart Died in fire  
Jul. 13, 1999 Hubert Massa Suicide  
Aug. 15, 1999 Grégory Antipine Suicide  
Nov. 4, 1999 Sandra Claeys Suicide  
Nov. 16, 2000 Klaus Bahr Traffic accident  
Mar. 1, 2001 Jean-Jacques Feront Heart attack  
Mar. 28, 2001 Nadège Renard Traffic accident  
May 17, 2001 Pierre-Paul "Pepe" De Rycke Suicide  
Nov. 15, 2001 Philippe Deleuze Disease  
Mar. 17, 2002 Alain Van der Biest Suicide  
Nov. 22, 2005 Madani Bouhouche Accident during tree cutting  
Aug. 1997 Christian Jambert Suicide



Jun. 15, 1983 Peter Mijer Traffic accident
1994 Tony Tines Traffic accident  
Oct. 21, 1997 Maarten van Traa Traffic accident  
May 6, 2002 Pim Fortuyn Shot to death
Nov. 2, 2004 Theo van Gogh Shot and stabbed to death
2000 Rob Mostert Unknown  
Mar. 14, 2014 Fred de Brouwer Traffic accident


Estonia cruise ferry sinking

All these crew members were reported to be alive, in case of Avo Piht for several days even, before permanently disappearing. A person who was a director of the Russian firm Far West, deeply involved in selling off Russian arms to the West, which, according to some accounts, was responsible for the sinking, is reported to have spread (partial) disinformation about this case. There are a ton of question surrounding this case.

Sep. 28, 1994 Avo Piht Drowned
Sep. 28, 1994 Anne Veide Drowned  
Sep. 28, 1994 Hannika Veide Drowned  
Sep. 28, 1994 Tina Muur Drowned  
Sep. 28, 1994 Lembit Leiger Drowned  
Sep. 28, 1994 Kaimar Kikas Drowned  
Sep. 28, 1994 Merit Kikas Drowned  
Sep. 28, 1994 Agur Targama Drowned  
Sep. 28, 1994 Ago Tomingas Drowned  
Sep. 28, 1994 Kalev Vahtras Drowned  


Mainland Europe: other

1961 Dag Hammarskjold Plane crash
1989 Alfred Herrhausen Blown up in armored car  
1990 Gerald Bull Assassinated  
May 1, 1993 Pierre Beregovoy Suicide  
Feb. 25, 1994 Yann Piat Drive-by shooting  
Apr. 7, 1994 Francois de Grossouvre Suicide  
July 8, 1996 Amschel Rothschild Suicide by hanging  
Dec. 3, 1999 Edmond Safra Died during fire  


Operation Condor

Sep. 30, 1974 Gen. Carlos Prats (and wife) Killed by car bomb  
Oct. 5, 1975 Bernardo Leighton (and wife) Both shot, but lived  
May 1976 Gen. Joaquin Zenteno Anaya Shot to death  
Jun. 2, 1976 Gen. Juan Jose Torres Kidnapped and executed  
Aug. 22, 1976 Juscelino Kubitschek Traffic accident  
Dec. 6, 1976 Joao Goulart Heart attack  


Russian apartment bombings

Unknown Vladimir Romanovich Hit and run on Cyprus  
Feb. 20, 2000 Anatoly Sobchak Heart attack  
Mar. 9, 2000 Artyom Borovik Plane crash  
April 28, 2000 Maxim Lazovsky Shot to death  
May 31, 2001 German Ugryumov Heart failure  
Mar. 20, 2002 Ibn al-Khattab Poisoned by the FSB
Apr. 17, 2003 Sergei Yushenkov Traffic accident
Jul. 3, 2003 Yuri Shchekochikhin Mysterious illness
Nov. 10, 2003 Otto Latsis Severe beating (later died in car crash, but could be an accident)
Jul. 10, 2006 Shamil Basayev Accident or FSB killing  
Oct. 7, 2006 Anna Politkovskaya Poisoned and later shot to death
Oct. 30, 2006 Igor Ponomarev Unknown  
2006 Alexander Lebedev Poisoned but lived  
Nov. 23, 2006 Alexander Litvinenko Radioactive poisoning


Russia: Far West, Ltd. related

Mar. 1993 Sangak Safarov Shot by Saidov  
Mar. 1993 Faizullah Saidov Shot by Safarov  
1994 Lyosha the Hunchback Blown up  
1996 Ruslan Labazanov Shot by his guard  
1996 Usman Imaev Disappeared  
Mar. 2002 Valery Malev Car accident  
Apr. 28, 2002 Alexander Lebed Helicopter crash  
Dec. 2, 2002 Mikhail Vunsh Car bomb  
Jan. 2004 Sarfraz Haider Hit wall on quad bike (slit aorta)  
Jan. 24, 2004 Sergei Petrov Car bomb  
Sep. 24, 2004 Roman Tsepov Radioactive poisoning  
Jul. 9, 2004 Paul Klebnikov Drive-by shooting  
Jul. 27, 2005 Armen Sargsyan Drowned while drunk  
Sep. 14, 2006 Andrei Kozlov Shot to death  
Jun. 2007 Oleg Orlov Strangled in prison  
Nov. 2009 Anton Surikov Unknown  


Russia: other cases

About 200 journalists have been killed in Russia since the Yeltsin years. An even larger number of journalists have received death threats.

Jun. 7, 1994 Boris Berezovsky Survived a massive car bomb. Earlier the front door of his home had been boobytrapped.  
Oct. 17, 1994 Dmitri Kholodov Reporter blown up with suitcase bomb.  
Jan. 1998 Valentina Korneeva Shot to death, allegedly after refusing to sell her property to Yukos.  
Jul. 1998 Vladimir Petukhov Executed by contract killer after insisting Yukos pay its taxes.  
1998 Evgeny Rybin Car bomb after demanding $100 million compensation from Yukos. Only killed his driver.  
Mar. 17, 2005 Anatoly Chubais Bomb and machine gun attack on his armored car and bodyguards. Survived.  
Apr. 14, 2006 Mikhail Khodorkovsky Attacked by cellmate who was repeatedly ordered by prison guards to mutilate him by taking out an eye (at the very least).  
Oct. 7, 2006 Anna Politkovskaya Reporter shot to death  
Mar. 2, 2007 Ivan Safronov Fell from the building he lived in  
Nov. 24, 2009 Yegor Gaidar Poisoned but narrowly survived  


Lebanon: Rafic Hariri assassination

Feb. 14, 2005 Rafic Hariri Car bomb  
Sep. 4, 2006 Lt.-Col. Samir Shehadeh Car bomb (survived)  
Jan. 25, 2008 Captain Wissam Eid Car bomb  
Oct. 19, 2012 Gen. Wissam al-Hassan Car bomb  



Jan. 11, 1966 Lal Bahadur Shastri Heart attack  
Jan. 24, 1966 Homi Jehangir Bhabha Airliner crash  
1980 Sanjay Gandhi Plane crash  
1984 Indira Gandhi Assassinated  
1991 Rajiv Gandhi Assassinated  



1946 Tomoyuki Yamashita Sentenced to death  
1960s Fidel Castro Many assassination attempts  
1961 Patrice Lumumba Kidnapped and murdered
May 30, 1961 Rafael Trujillo Shot to death  
Sep. 6, 1966 Hendrik Verwoerd Stabbed to death  
Oct. 22, 1970 Gen. Rene Schneider Ambushed and executed  
1981 Jaime Roldos Plane crash  
1981 Omar Torrijos Plane crash  
Feb. 28, 1986 Olof Palme Shot to death  
Apr. 6, 1994 Juvenal Habyarimana Plane crash  
Apr. 6, 1994 Cyprien Ntaryamira Plane crash  



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