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Some readers of ISGP have wondered what kind of improvements can be made to the present political system in order to prevent the kind of conspiracies described on this
website from happening in the future.

All that I can say for sure is that politics in every country should be restructured in such a way as to primarily give power to the educated middle classes and to prevent the formation of elites in the military, politics or in intelligence circles.

There are ways to achieve this, but designing a new political model is not something one does on a Sunday afternoon. A balance has to be found between economy, population numbers, social programs, labor unions, education, freedom of the press, spirituality, national security, national interests, and undoubtedly various other factors.

Some of my own personal political ideas have been taken up in the site's FAQ, but for the rest ISGP will stick to explaining the unknown aspects of the existing western political model. The idea is that if enough persons become aware of the contents of this site, improvements to the political system should come naturally.

If the site will ever generate a readership large enough to effect change is doubtful, but hopefully the information gets spread more and more over the decades - until maybe one day a critical momentum is reached. I believe it's what they call "planting a seed," or "the ripple effect."

~ Joël van der Reijden