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Le Cercle and the struggle for the European continent
Private bridge between Vatican-Paneuropean- and Anglo-American intelligence
November 18, 2006 - Link

It took about seven months, but it's finally done: a new article on Le Cercle. However, it's about far more than Le Cercle alone. In the process of adding new names and greatly
Vatican_Empire   expanding the biographies of known members, it turned out that this obscure intelligence group was the key to identifying what might best be described as the Vatican- Paneuropa network.

Throughout Catholic Europe, private, hard-right to outright fascist institutions have been set up in the past 60 years that are dominated by supporters of not only the Paneuropa Union, but also Opus Dei and the Knights of Malta. Most people, especially in non-Catholic countries, would think the idea of Paneuropa died with Count Richard Coudenhove-Kalergi in 1972. Not so. As is discussed in this article, Otto von Habsburg took
over this effort with such aristocrats as Count Hans Huyn (also Le Cercle), Prince Carlo della Torre e Tasso, Prince Albert von Thurn und Taxis, Nikolaus von Liechtenstein, Jakob Coudenhove-Kalergi and Valery Giscard d'Estaing, the latter being the original author of the recently rejected European constitution. All these men are alive today and identify themselves with the most reactionary elements in the Vatican: Opus Dei and the Knights of Malta. These people (i.e. the top leaders in this private network) have the idea of using the European Union to some day revive the Holy Roman Empire.

The most central player in this whole network is Otto von Habsburg and together with his Opusian associates Jean Violet and Antoine Pinay he founded Le Cercle in the 1950s, one of the branches of this Vatican-Paneuropa network. At least, that's how things started out. In later years extremist Cold War warriors from the US and the UK became more involved with Le Cercle. Many participants already knew each other through the CIA-sponsored anti-communist networks in Europe. It's a very long and complex story, so for more information you'd better take a look at the article. Make sure to click on the footnotes, which, like many biographies, have grown a bit out of proportion. And I especially recommend footnote no. 3. Couldn't do a whole article on the Synarchist Movement of Empire so I just dumped some of the basic information in there.

P.S. Le Cercle meets biannually these days. One of these meetings is arranged in Europe, the Middle East or northern Africa. However, the other one is arranged in Washington, and looking at the list of known meetings, there's a very good chance that the Cercle will gather here next month, most likely in the Madison Hotel. Journalists or anyone living in the neighborhood might want to try and find out details about this meeting.

[xx - oversight pic cut - xx]

Other updates

Almost all articles have been updated. Here's a list of details:

1001 Club 1) Whole new section added dealing with the birth of the privatization of British foreign policy, its focus on raw materials, and the extreme measures taken to uphold the apartheid in South-Africa.
2) A number of biographies from British raw materials executives have been expanded and their pictures added to the article. They represented the following banks and corporations: Anglo-American, De Beers, Charter, Rio Tinto, the Anglo-Iranian Oil Company and BP, the British Newfoundland Corporation, P&O shipping, the Bank of England, Barclays and Hambro
3) Several names (re-)added, including Prince Johannes von Thurn und Taxis, King Juan Carlos and Prince Henrik. The source of these names is mentioned and relevant sections from this document can be read.
Sun Valley meetings Significant changes to wording. Some detail about J. Gordon Brown's membership in the extremely aristocratic Other Club. In connection to this also expanded the list of Rothschild friends present at the annual meeting.
JASON Group Started out with some more detail on the think tank that JASON evolved from, IDA, but in the end almost completely rewrote the article. The whole structure of think tanks, advisory bodies and intelligence agencies that were created at the same time as JASON are a very important piece of history, which deals with the rise of the military-industrial complex. And for those who may recognize a number of names: I found out about this a while ago when doing detailed bios on alleged MJ-12 members and the people surrounding them.
USAPs Made significant changes to wording and added some info here and there.
Introduction 1) Expanded the part of Otto von Habsburg's Paneuropa- Vatican network and Le Cercle, as opposed to the Anglo-American establishment which is the main subject of the article.
2) Added a far more detailed description of the Privy Council.
3) Added information which confirms that the controversial meeting George Hunt was talking about in the early 1990s indeed was part of the network of the elitist United Nations Association. Notice the similarity with former apartheid advocates in Le Cercle, as Lord Salisbury and Lord Julian Amery, and the genocidal policies in South Africa described in the article on the 1001 Club.
Appendix A Added a whole range of Vatican-Paneuropa institutes to the list. Improved descriptions of institutes about which we do not no for sure if they exist.


Military Intelligence and CIA agents who destroyed UFO community now backing theories that no 757 could have hit the Pentagon
Odd combination: update on 9/11 "research" and Steven Greer's book
October 9, 2006

A few months ago I did a review on Steven Greer's book Hidden Truth, Forbidden Knowledge and identified most of the names Greer had changed. In this update three others will be identified, including the "descendant of James Jesus Angleton". Also, at about the time the first review on Hidden Truth was written, "General T.E." and the alleged "slippery shadowy-op psychiatrist" turned up at a very interesting place.

Name in book Real name (as thought by PEHI) How sure
General T.E. [p. 82-85, 99] Gen. Albert Stubblebine Near 100%
Col. MK [p. 82, 133] Col. John Alexander Near 100%
W.B. [p. 88, 116] Robert Bigelow Near 100%
"slippery shadowy-op psychiatrist" [p. 82-83] Rima Laibow About 55%
C.B. Scott Jones [p. 99] C.B. Scott Jones 100%
Lawrance Rockefeller [p. 98, 101-102] Lawrance Rockefeller 100%
"Woman in Red" [p. 98] Marie Galbraith Near 100%
"Bruce"[p. 98] Evan Galbraith Near 100%
Mr. X [p. 99-100] Dr. John Mack About 65%
Prince S.A. [p. 128-130] Hans Adam von Liechtenstein Near 100%
The names that were identified on July 1. Although the Disclosure Project (probably as a formality) asked to remove these names, at least some people working with Greer do privately support it.

The week after the article on Greer's book was done, I came across the new conspiracy movie One Nation Under Siege. You can imagine my thoughts when I read the names Rima Laibow and general Albert Stubblebine. They are part of the military intelligence group that completely destroyed the UFO community in the 1980s and 1990s. Now Stubblebine seems to be out on doing the same with the 9/11 Truth community. Of all the good questions that can be asked about 9/11, Stubblebine, a former head of Military Intelligence, only decides to discuss the theory that the hole in the Pentagon is too small for a 757 to have crashed. I'm just watching it again, his testimony is absolutely hilarious.

The producer and director of One Nation Under Siege is William Lewis. In his film he only lets us hear a few general statements about 9/11 that in themselves mean nothing. Just before Stubblebine appears on the screen, Lewis talks about how a 757 could never have hit the Pentagon. Von Kleist, the pod person, backs him up on that, of course. Then after Stubblebine is done, Lewis has the nerve to claim there's also evidence that no United Airlines and American Airlines hit the World Trade Center. He repeats the completely discredited claim of Mark Burnback and even says there were "numerous other eyewitness" who made similar statements. Of course, he doesn't let us hear these statements as they simply don't exist (besides one or two that have been completely taken out of context). Same with his assertion that there were many people who claimed a small plane hit the Pentagon. In reality there were only two and not one claimed to have seen a missile or a Global Hawk.

Now, I hardly claim authority on any issue, but I definitely claim some with the Pentagon crash. I still regard my article, which was first published in early 2005, as the most extensive in refuting all "evidence" that something else than a 757 might have hit the Pentagon. I sent the article to most of the prominent 9/11 researchers. Some agreed, usually from the start, but most said (if they even replied) they disagreed without ever refuting any of the points made. These researchers just ignore the article and keep blabbing their theories to their audience. Biggest wake up call I ever had. This doesn't mean we have to stop asking for the Pentagon videos, but building theories on non-existent evidence isn't exactly the smartest thing to do.

Back to One Nation again. Rima Laibow is the wife of general Albert Stubblebine. In his film Wilson forgets to mention her background of building the Alien Abduction movement. Here's a repeat of the biography that had been compiled earlier:

"[Laibow] organized several quite-exclusive TREAT conferences in the following years, which mainly focused on alien abductions and finding out the details through remote viewing. Col. John Alexander [Mentioned in Greer's book] was a program director of at least some of these conferences. Gen. Albert Stubblebine, Ed Dames, Dr. Stephan Schwartz, Jack Houck, Dr. Craig Jensen were some of the people speaking at these conferences. As usual, Ed Dames, a PSI-TECH board member told some amazingly creepy stories about hibernating aliens and their genetic experimentations. Interestingly, it has been reported that Laibow has claimed to be an abductee herself. Previously associated with Budd Hopkins. In the summer of 1991, C.B. Scott Jones [Mentioned in Greer's book; Naval Intelligence; vice president US Psychotronics Association; associate of Hans Adam von Liechtenstein, who was mentioned in Greer's book] and Laibow were planning a yachting excursion together with Col. John Alexander to investigate anomalies in the Bahamas. Laibow, Stubblebine, ufologist Victoria Lacas (wife of John Alexander), and Jones toured Europe and the Soviet Union, where they established a prodigious UFO/Psi network. Married Gen. Albert Stubblebine at some point. She is the architect, along with her husband, Gen. Stubblebine III, of AEGIS, of a comprehensive Homeland Security private initiative, to increase effectiveness and costs of the organization [don't know what it means, here] . On the board of Canadian Submarine Technologies, Inc. Doesn't agree at all with Steven Greer's and Helmut Lammer's theories of MILABs, or military-induced "alien" abductions. According to Lammer, she has misstated a lot of his work."

Update, Oct. 9: Just looked into AEGIS again, because I ran into a corporation with that name just recently while doing the bio of mr. black op, Evan Hineman. If that's a reference to the Aegis Research Corporation, "a leading provider of enterprise protection strategies and technical services to the federal national security community", then its one of the many black ops beltway bandits out there. It was taken over by ManTech and its National Security Solutions Group (NSSG) in 2002, temporarily headed by Hineman. Armitage, the associate of Ted Shackley in importing CIA drugs from the Golden Triangle, appeared on the board of ManTech in 2005. If Stubblebines' Aegis is not a reference to Aegis Research, then it's still worthwhile to note that Stubblebine and Laibow have also been accused of spreading disinformation on the Codex Alimentarius and the alternative health community, the issue Laibow is talking about in One Nation.

Seriously, what does a person like Laibow have to do in Lewis' video? And what does this say about Stubblebine's support for the no-757-at-Pentagon theory? He isn't the only one by the way. Earlier, I reported about former CIA pilot John Lear, who also claimed no 757 could have hit the Pentagon. He did this at Coast to Coast while talking about alien devices on the moon that capture the souls of humans when they die. Lear was part of the tiny club that completely trashed UFO research in the late 1980s and early 1990s.

There's another coincidence pertaining to One Nation that adds to the confusion. Check out Out There TV - Episode 223, a conspiracy program straight from the twilight zone. At some point Lewis says: "The psychotronic generators are probably there in the cell towers right now... I have interviewed a few people from the KGB who would say that they built them and sold them to the US." Not really the smartest way to promote your movie, most people would think. And why the KGB? It would be interesting to know for example what Stubblebine, the actor in Lewis' documentary, was involved with at the BDM Corporation (a long story). Or what Col. John Alexander, a friend of both Laibow and Stubblebine, was doing at Los Alamos with his psychotronic research department. Let's recap a bit who Col. Alexander is:

"Commanded Special Forces "A" Teams in Vietnam and Thailand 1966-1969. His teams are said to have been involved in Project Phoenix terror campaign. Supposedly received a Ph.D. in Thanatology, a study of the social and emotional aspects surrounding death... Both [Alexander and Stubblebine] have been interested in creating an elite soldier with very powerful paranormal abilities. Director of PSI-TECH, together with Major Ed Dames (who cranks out doom scenario after doom scenario these days), at the time Gen. Stubblebine was its chairman. Director of non-lethal weapons testing at Los Alamos in the 1980s. Organized and chaired five major conferences on non-lethal weapons. Task Force member of the CFR's 1995 Nonlethal Technologies Independent Task Force Report. JASON scientist Richard L. Garwin, and Richard "Prince of Darkness" Perle [a good friend of Brian Crozier, former head of Le Cercle] were two other members of the CFR's task force... Important scientist at NIDS, which was founded in 1995, and a close associate of its owner and president, the shadowy Las Vegas (Nevada) businessman Robert Bigelow [Mentioned in Greer's book]. Married Victoria Lacas (Alexander), [who] has been photographed having dinner with John's friend, Edward Teller... Great supporter of using advanced technologies to create a "safe" police state.... a lot more "

As you already read, colonel John Alexander was Stubblebine's close associate in the UFO community and was also a member of Military Intelligence. In the 1980s, Alexander was head of non-lethal weapons research testing at Los Alamos, doing unknown research on psychotronic weaponry. He liaised with the CFR and the US Global Strategy Council. The USGSC, which was loaded with right wing Moonie supporters from all branches of the intelligence community and the military, was primarily interested in two things: promoting the Star Wars program and developing non-lethal weapons. The Stars Wars program was later accused of being a bogus front operation to redirect funds to black programs, which largely had to do with the development of non-lethal weapons. Edward Teller, a good friend of Alexander, was among the early members of the USGSC and relentlessly promoted the Star Wars program. Bobby Ray Inman was another early member of the USGSC. We'll come across Teller and Inman again in a moment.

Believe it or not, General Stubblebine and Colonel Alexander should even be under investigation for possible involvement in 9/11. Jon Ronson investigated their First Earth Battalion project, in which they allegedly tried to create an invincible soldier with paranormal powers. Ronson contacted one of the people connected to this project who referred him to "the most First Earth Battalion guy" he knew, which turned out to be a martial arts instructor in Florida, Bert Rodriguez. Heller described Rodriguez as "Spiritual is the wrong word. He’s occultic. He’s like a walking embodiment of death. He can stop you at a distance. He can influence physical events just with his mind. If he catches your attention he can stop you without touching you." This might sound impossibe, but these stories can also be heard in Ninjutsu, for example. The thing is that even 10th or 11th dans, who as far as I remember only receive training in Japan by only one instructor, are struggling with attaining this kind of influence. Anyway, the important point here is that one of Rodriguez' reported students was Ziad Jarrah, who shared some of his teachings with Marwan al-Shehhi. Jarrah, the alleged pilot of Flight 93, trained at Rudi Dekkers' Venice airport, just as Marwan al-Shehhi, the alleged pilot of Flight 175 and the right-hand man of Mohammed Atta. Atta was the alleged terrorist ringleader and pilot of Flight 11. The connections of the hijackers and Rudi Dekkers to shady international intelligence and drug cartels have been documented by Daniel Hopsicker. Maybe it's nothing, maybe it's everything. I wanted to read Ronson's book before doing this update. However, I accidentally ordered in it from England and the past few months nothing arrives anymore what I order from England. Have to reorder from the US some day.

So, without taking it any further, it's obvious there is something very strange going on here with One Nation Under Siege and General Stubblebine. The movie is quite decent and doesn't go into 9/11 a whole lot. It mostly deals with the loss of freedom the American people are experiencing, which is a good subject. However, the only advantage the film has over older Alex Jones movies is the more accessible way in which the matter is presented; there's nothing new to be found. Also, it's a typical Christian Conservative "blame the liberal left" kind of movie. But it still teaches the basic lessons.

Now the update on Greer's book 'Hidden Truth, Forbidden Knowledge'. Here are the new names (well, three of them):

Name in book Real name (as thought by PEHI) How sure
Edward Teller [p. 186] Edward Teller 100%
Admiral Harry Trane [p. 183] Admiral Harry D. Train II 100%
Admiral Y.N. [p. 186] Admiral Bobby Ray Inman Near 100%
James Jesus Angleton descendent James "Jim" Angleton, Jr. About 70%, but doesn't really matter anymore in this case
Black ops person who presents himself as a UFO researcher and picture analyst [p. 194] James "Jim" J. Dilettoso Near 100%

Below you can see how these conclusions were reached. More in depth biographies, accompanied by names from other sources, will be provided with a future article on this subject (which will probably take a long time).

Name Bio
Edward Teller Identified by name

Member of the Manhattan Project. Co-founder of the Lawrence Livermore National Laboratory. Pushed for the development of fusion weapons. Member of the US Global Strategy Council that pushed the development of non-lethal weapons and the Star Wars program. Teller was one of most important promoters of Star Wars, which was later accused of having served as a bogus front program to divert funds into black projects mainly having to do with the development of psychotronic weapons. Friend of Col. John Alexander, the Army's top psychotronic researcher and someone involved in the civilian UFO community. According to Greer, Teller was involved for a long time in MJ-12 and-or successor groups.

Harry D. Train II Identified by name, although misspelled

Born in 1927. Son of Admiral Harold Cecil Train. BS from the US Naval Academy in 1949. Commander of the Cruiser-Destroyer Flotilla 8 in 1971-1972. Director of international security affairs at the East Asia and Pacific Region Office of the Assistant Secretary Defense 1972-1973. Director of the Systems Analysis Division at the Office of the Chief Naval Operations 1973-1974. Director of the joint staff at the Joint Chiefs of Staff 1974-1977. Commander of the US 6th Fleet, Naval Forces Europe, 1976-1978. Promoted to Admiral in 1978. Commander in chief of the US Atlantic Fleet and supreme allied commander of the Atlantic 1978-1982. Atlantic Command is part of NATO. Merle Shane McDow, who worked under Admiral Train at a top security department at Atlantic Command, testified to the Disclosure Project that sometime around May 1981 a UFO appeared on the US East Coast which did circles around the interceptor jets. Train turned out to be completely unprepared for this encounter at the time. The next year Train retired and became one of the major community leaders (business and politics) in the Hampton Roads/Norfolk area, next to the locally very influential businessman Henry Clay Hofheimer II. He already met with these businessmen during his time as head of Atlantic Command. Train became manager of SAIC's division in Hampton Roads in 1986 and never left. Joined IDA. Joined a host of other technology and regular business companies. Member of the United States Commission on National Security that warned for a 9/11 type attack. To prevent such an attack a "Homeland Security Agency" had to be set up. Greer says he has evidence that Train is/was involved in overseeing certain USAPs.

Bobby Ray Inman Hints by Greer about the Admiral Y.N.'s identity:
1) He's an admiral
2) Involved with MJ-12 or similar group
3) Friend of Barry Goldwater
4 )
Held several very high government positions
5) "... and, from one of those [high government] positions, [Inman] went on to be one of the chief people at [SAIC]"

6) Admiral Train is identified by name in Greer's book

Inman is an Admiral (1). Bob Oechsler gave evidence in the 1980s that Inman was a person involved in some kind of MJ-12 type operation (2). Admiral Hill-Norton and Timothy Good picked up on that. In the early 1980s, Goldwater campaigned for Inman to be instated as DCI. Instead, Reagan picked Casey. (3). Director ONI; director DIA; deputy director CIA; director NSA (4). November 2005, Hustler Magazine, 'UFOs: What the Government Really Knows': "Admiral Bobby Ray Inman, who went from head of the National Security Agency to the board of SAIC - which is one of the crown jewels of this covert entity - is a member [of the covert group]." (5) Director SAIC; director Wackenhut; member CFR since late 1970s; Trilateral Commission; spoke at Bohemian Grove in 2005; chairman "JPL Oversight Committee" for Mars missions , which was not supposed to exist.

Update, Oct. 9: Doing a quick background check, it turned out that Inman already was a regular member of the Bohemian Grove in the early 1990s and almost certainly in the 1980s. Therefore he might well have been the person that told everyone at the Bohemian Grove in 2001 (after the Disclosure Project event in Washington) that he had been inside these black projects and there was nothing ET in it to be found. Greer was told this information by Y.H., "a European financier and hotelier", about the only anonymous person in Greer's book that hasn't been identified... yet. It shouldn't be to hard; not that many European members in the Bohemian Grove.

James Angleton, Jr. Hints by Greer about the J.J. Angleton descendent's identity:
1) Descendent of James Jesus Angleton
Very wealthy
3) Involved in the covert group Greer has been talking about

Besides two daughters and a large US-Italian family, "James Charles Angleton of Los Angeles" is the only son of James Jesus Angleton, the famous spy chief, according to his 1987 obituary. Two anonymous grandchildren are also listed. There seems to be only one James C. Angleton in the US and today this person has a Law Office in Los Angeles. But is this the person Greer was talking about? Hard to tell, but there's a much better choice anyway. Take James Angleton, Jr. from Miami, Florida. Are you ready?

It took a while to find, but it turns out that a James "Jim" Angleton, Jr., of all the possibilities, is president of the Ted Shackley Miami chapter of the Association For Intelligence Officers (AFIO). Ted Shackley of course being the most controversial CIA spook in the history of the Agency, playing a key role in the heroin trade from the Golden Triangle to the US. The AFIO used to be called the Association of Former Intelligence Officers, but maybe they realized many intelligence agents never really retire. Anyway, directors of the national organization include George H.W. Bush, Gerald Ford, Frank Carlucci, Bobby Ray Inman, William H. Webster, and James Woolsey.

But don't think we're done yet. The Ted Shackley Miami chapter has website on which you can find this (or this) page:

The Greater Miami Chamber of Commerce
in association with
The Ted Shackley Miami Chapter of
The Association of Former Intelligence Officers

will host a luncheon meeting on:

Wednesday, September 15th [2004]
Radisson Hotel Miami
1601 Biscayne Boulevard
Ballroom Level
11:30 AM Registration

Dr. Hal Puthoff
Director for the Institute for Advanced Studies at Austin
Science Advisor to NASA, Bigelow Aerospace
"Zero Point Energy by 2012"
Imagine running your Porsche on the energy from a single drop of water
or getting to your destination in 1/2 the time the Concorde takes
all without fossil fuel or pollution.


Dr. Edgar Mitchell
Apollo 14 Astronaut, the sixth NASA Astronaut to walk on the moon
Member of the Board of Directors for the National Institute for Discovery Science
"Man on the Moon"
What's out there and what does it mean to human kind?

AFIO & Chamber Members  $55.00
Non-Members  $75.00

Reservations Are Required!!

Both Hal Puthoff and Edgar Mitchell are part of Robert Bigelow's private research team, which has already been discussed in the last update.

This particular meeting was postponed, but that doesn't matter. As for now, I'll place my bets on James Angleton, Jr. having told Greer about a compartmented group within NATO and the effect of the 2001 Disclosure Briefing in Washington. And otherwise, it would have been close family of his. You can mail him at

James J. "Jim" Dilettoso Hints by Greer about this person's identity:
1) Involved in Black Ops
UFO researcher
3) Digital image analyst
4) Had a ranch in Arizona
5) On that ranch was a "safe house" in which a special forces guy, who had made a tape of a downed ET craft or an Alien Reproduction Vehicle, was sheltering. At some point two things happened: a finger was found in a baggy nailed to the mailbox and this person went missing. In what order isn't known.

The story of Dilettoso is absolutely hilarious and he has become one of my favorite characters in this strange world of ufology. The April 21-27, 1993 of "the New Times" wrote about Dilettoso's murky past. I'll quote a few relevant passages below, but you should definitely read the whole article:

"He worked for NASA out of a Phoenix office, and claims to have worked on top-secret projects for the agency out of Jet Propulsion Laboratories (JPL) in Pasadena (1). Other former NASA employees have confirmed that claim, but calls to JPL to verify it sound like Monty Python routines: "Who do you think he is? Do you think he's telling the truth? I'm not going to tell you..."

"In the mid-1980s, Dilettoso still worked for NASA, running an information center out of his own Computer Graphics Lab (3) at ASU's downtown computer institute. He shared space with ASU because he had helped obtain a Cray Supercomputer for the ASU center... "He could make sounds come out of the computer that shouldn't have been there." Berg remembers. "One night I went to see him and he had this graphics program he had developed (3). All of a sudden, on a PC, he's demonstrating the ability to run interactive graphics that the rest of the world hadn't been able to do yet. I went away wondering why he could figure that out with no formal training and no one else could. He just did it.""

""He's fun to be around," says Michael Malin, a NASA scientist whom Dilettoso consulted while analyzing photographs of UFOs (2). "He's not at all crazy, but about half of what he says is bullshit and half of it is probably not far from the truth. The problem is trying to figure out which is which. He does tend to get involved in more fanciful notions than you or I.""

"The cast of characters that wander in and out of his home and his studio are equally peculiar: a retired Air Force colonel who has the walk and affect of a spook (1); a blind TV director who has a show about UFOs. Jeff Harris, chief sound engineer for a major Hollywood recording studio, recalls going to Dilettoso's ranch (4) to meet a former Navy SEAL who claimed he had guarded alien spacecraft. "When I got there, the man had his ear pressed up against the wall to hear if anyone was coming. He had weapons strapped all up and down his legs," Harris says. (5)"

"Dilettoso keeps current with every government conspiracy to cover up UFO research that "would change the meaning of life." (2) His girlfriend, Susan Gordon, claims to he a UFO contactee and lectures nationwide as to whether extraterrestrials are really angels."

Dilettoso was recruited by retired Air Force Colonel Wendell Stevens in 1977 to do photo analyses on the Billy Meier case (3). Stevens was a founding director of the International UFO Congress in 1991, which still exists today. Part of the International UFO Congress' network is the website of Dilettoso: (it even uses the same image for the button you click to buy stuff). Both websites look good, but have this classic non-serious design; and looking at the meetings International UFO Congress it seems this small crowd can go on for another 20 years and it would hardly change a thing. Every researcher I see is doing his own little thing; and you don't have a clue who to trust.

I took the following extract from Alienzoo, which goes into the affair with the Special Forces guy. As usual, it's a hilarious read, albeit with a tragic ending. January 31, 2000, Jim Dilettoso:

"The first International UFO Congress convened in Tucson, Arizona, in November 1991, in the presence of... Omnec Onec from Venus... Omnec looked 35 but said she was 439... Since I was one of the event promoters, it was only fitting that Wendelle Stevens.s grandson Gem Cox (a former Navy sub-nuclear generator expert) and I would get the grand interview at my Flying Heart Ranch in Paradise Valley, Arizona (4). 80 acres of inspiration and paradise...

John Conner was also staying (Shall I say hiding out?) at the ranch. Were it not for the diagonal 10-inch scar across his strikingly handsome face, one would never suspect that he was an AWOL Navy Seal, harboring the darkest secrets of Dulce and Area 51. He had been at my place for a few weeks already, and it was getting hot. He had photographs and videos of aliens working with military personnel. He had pictures of Bush and Cheney visiting the lower levels of Area 51, where he was a security officer - until they murdered his friend. So he said. To top it off, Conner vowed he was going to blow the whistle."

"Witnessing all of this was a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity... Omnec believed that aliens were, like her, benevolent multi-dimensional beings who hungered for the advancement of the human race [like Dilettoso's girlfriend]. She was open, optimistic, cultured, reverent. Conner, by contrast, believed that aliens were evil beings with a plan to take over Earth, with the help of a few well-placed government officials...

When Conner and I spoke, which was usually about 8 p.m., we talked about the evidence he had from Area 51, proving that the highest levels of personnel in our government regularly came to visit the joint alien-U.S. military research lab. He said that aliens were working side-by-side with our scientists on flying machines, generators, genetic engineering, and more. And he had pictures and video. Omnec said it was all nonsense. Conner said she was a kook.

... On Thanksgiving, we went out for dinner at my brother.s restaurant. Conner agreed to come with us, and this was first time he was leaving the ranch since he arrived. I locked the gate and we drove down the road. When we returned, I opened the gate, which had a plastic-bag pinned to it. Inside the house, when I opened the bag and found a severed female finger and a note, I knew it was time for Conner to leave. For some reason, Omnec left the same night."

Notice how the story seems to differ from the one written down in Greer's book:

"A covert op guy I know in Arizona [Dilettoso] acquired the Carp tape, where what appears to be either an alien reproduction vehicle or an actual ET craft went out of control and crash-landed near a military facility in Canada.

During the retrieval operation, one of the special teams involved filmed the landed craft. The person who made this film was doing it clandestinely; it's a very shaky film. I have it. It came to me with some photographs of what looked like some ET life forms.

This film and the man who shot it [Dilettoso's "John Conner"] made their way to a person who is black ops but presents himself as a concerned UFO researcher and digital image analyst. So he gave this person who made the film a 'safe house' on his ranch in Arizona. Well, I'm not sure that it was a safe house at all. One day, this 'protector' came back out to the ranch -- and hammered to the mailbox of the ranch was a baggy with a finger in it, with a little piece of paper that said, "TWEP" -- terminate with extreme prejudice [common term in assassinations]. They never found this person, and it is presumed that he was killed. The owner of the ranch told me this story."

Reading Greer's account it seems "John Conner" just went missing some day with only his finger left in the mail. According to Dilettoso, John Conner was with him while they found this (female) finger, and Conner left after this event.

But the most important aspect of this story is the video tape, as you can't trust anything Dilettoso says. Greer says he has it. Why not release it? Then again, Dilettoso did special effects for movies, so it would be a never ending debate anyway. Maybe its best to forget the whole story, including Dilettoso.

One day this information will be used in a much more comprehensive article. More and more it seems to me that once you focus on names, very complete biographies, and in depth on the research of some key investigators, you should be able to create a lot of oversight in a relatively short article even in the field of ufology. Whatever it is, the UFO phenomenon is real. Just reading old newspaper clippings should convince anyone of that. But what's happening on earth is actually far more interesting at this moment.

New article on Le Cercle, and the Paneurpa-Vatican network it emerged from, is almost done now. Has been underway for six months.




July 5, 2006 - Hidden Truth, Forbidden Knowledge: Dr. Greer's new book
Part 2 - Involvement of bankers and royal families

If you're still skeptical about the fact that there's a semi-covert group out there that's hell bent on establishing "global peace" as if there's no tomorrow, or the fact that high level conspiracies for less-than-noble reasons occur on a regular basis, I recommend you skip this article. Following is a subject that goes beyond the globalist group, or themes like the movie 'Syriana'. Whether the following is true or not has nothing to do with the fact that there's a globalist group running world events from behind the scenes (albeit less monolithic than is usually thought).

Like his earlier books, in his biography 'Hidden Truth, Forbidden Knowledge' Steven Greer is talking about a subjects that is of interest to this site. What he's basically doing is to describe the highest circles of power, which no one in the public domain has ever convincingly done. Although there's much he hasn't made public yet, there's quite a bit of powerful information in his new book that I would like to discuss here.

1994 Wrigley Mansion meeting
According to his biography, Dr. Greer was invited to a conference at the Wrigley Mansion in Phoenix, Arizona in the winter of 1994. The discussion was about a possible disclosure
Wrigley Mansion, Phoenix, AZ
  of UFO information and making contact with ETs. The people who invited Greer were part of a rogue cell (compartmented group) within the larger control group. It seems that the people in this cell are more influential than the one that is interfacing with the civilian UFO community (in which General Albert Stubblebine ("Gen. T.E.") and Colonel John Alexander ("Col. MK") are leading members), as
Greer makes sure not to reveal their identities in his book. All he says about them is that their methods are "beyond dark" and that a number of "shadowy corporate people" were present, as well as a "prominent industrialist".

During the break, Greer was taken out onto the balcony by an unidentified person. This person, once again, tried to recruit Greer into his cell, and in the process gave him some interesting information. Greer put part of that conversation in chapter 16 of his book:

"Well, you know, if you want to be supported in this, just let us help you... we know you have platinum cards and gold cards. Just maximize all of them, every month: $50,000, $100,000, whatever. Get as many of them as you want. And give us the numbers. And since we run all the super computers that back up and monitor the banking system of the world, we'll simply erase those account balances to zero as paid each month."


"You know, we understand you've had this meeting with the CIA Director and are providing information to the President, but you need to know that those people don't know anything, and they're never going to know anything. You should understand that — well, you should be talking to people like us. The people dealing with this are people who do a lot of contract work for the government, under "Work For Others" -"WFO" - contracts. And you should be talking to certain think tanks. And you should be talking to certain religious orders and certain orders of Jesuit priests who have control over the technology transfer." (Greer acknowledges that this person gave more information on who to talk to, but he didn't put it in the book)

"I understand you're going to Europe soon to meet with certain people connected to the British royal family... It so happens that, I'm going to be over there meeting with the Rothschilds and the people who control the Volvo Corporation and some of the other big industrial concerns, because they are working with us."

"One of my friends, who's really interested in what you're doing, is one of the leaders of the Council on Foreign Relations, Ambassador Maxwell Rabb. Would you like to come to a meeting with him?... the Petersons are also working with me, and maybe we can get together with them."

Realizing the controversial nature of the conversation, Greer adds: "This is a true story. I'm telling you, every word is true. Put me under any drug; hook me up to any
Wrigley Mansion, Phoenix, AZ
  machine. What I'm telling you is true."

The fact that the Rothschilds are mentioned shouldn't be that much of surprise. Volvo is probably less expected.

I have no idea who "controlled" (shareholders, CEO, or both?) the Volvo corporation in the turbulent 1993/1994 period, when a merger between Renault and Volvo fell
apart due to an internal struggle at Volvo between its CEO and chairman, Pehr Gyllenhammar, and some of the board members and most important shareholders (whoever those were).

Gyllenhammar was the CEO of Volvo for a very long time, from 1971 to 1993, and chair since 1983. He was part of the Advisory Council of the Rockefeller's Chase Manhattan Bank since 1972. Since then, he has been invited to leading positions at Kissinger Associates, Lazard Frères, and several divisions in the Rothschild network. Since Gyllenhammar has also been one of the most important builders of a united Europe, together with Etienne Davignon, PEHI already has a detailed bio of him available in the introduction article.

By 1994, however, the less-impressive Soren Gyll had become CEO of Volvo, next to the new, also not-too-impressive, chairman, Bert-Olof Svanholm. In 1997, Svanholm died while Gyll, supposedly, was forced to step down due to pressure from the board. Doesn't sound like these two would classify as "controllers" of Volvo. But whoever "controlled" Volvo, it certainly wasn't the Wallenbergs, as some might immediately suspect.

Update, July 17:
For what it's worth, an email from Volvo:

end of 1994 the largest shareholders (>5% votes) were
[1] Fourth Swedish National Pension Fund - 7.9% votes, 4.9% capital
[2] Renault SA - 7.8% votes, 3.0% capital
[3] Sparbanken (Robur) savings funds - 6.4% votes, 5.0% capital
[4] SEB savings funds - 6.0% votes, 2.4% capital

end of 1995 the largest shareholders (>5% votes) were
[1] Fourth Swedish National Pension Fund - 7.9% votes, 4.7% capital
[2] Renault SA - 7.7% votes, 2.9% capital
[3] Sparbanken (Robur) savings funds - 6.5% votes, 5.0% capital
[4] SHB Pension Fund - 5.0% votes, 1.9% capital

At least two other names were mentioned by Greer's conversation partner: Maxwell Rabb and the Petersons.

sdf   Rabb has been working in the shadows of some very important people: the Pilgrims executive Henry Cabot Lodge and the alleged co-founder of MJ-12, James Forrestal. Forrestal was a very important banker at Dillon, Read & Co., the Pilgrims bank that had those business deals with Fritz Thyssen, next to Hjalmar Schacht the most important backer of Hitler. Interestingly, Rabb has long-time connections to the Italian-US mafia and
might also have been a major player in the so-called post-war Fascist International. His bio can be found here.

fsf   Pete Peterson, one of the four or five heads of the CFR since the end of WWII, is one of the largest globalist players in the world today, and one of the closest associates of David Rockefeller, Henry Kissinger, and Maurice Greenberg (AIG). All these people are busy with "opening up" China's domestic market. Peterson is head of the Blackstone Group, a front company for US intelligence to launder money, according to some. It owned
the WTC7 mortgage since 2000, and Peterson, like many of his friends, now play a key role in rebuilding Lower Manhattan after the 9/11 attack. Peterson's full bio can be found here. A shorter version can be found in the June 13 update, in which he was identified as a Pilgrims Society member.

Other info given to Greer
Two years earlier, Greer also received some interesting information during the (failed) recruiting process in General T.E.'s (Albert Stubblebine) cell:

"General T.E. told me a number of things. For example, he said there were extraterrestrial craft and facilities underneath the surface of Mars and that covert projects had imaged them. He also privately told me about all kinds of assets that covert programs had that were advanced technologies- up to the level of what the ETs had. I was able to gather quite a bit of good information through the courtship that was being attempted.
I learned that this particular 'cell' was interfacing with the civilian UFO world from the covert world -- they are an interface group and they have penetrated many civilian UFO projects."

[General T.E.'s people said] "Just who the hell do you think you are, going out there, basically bypassing the national military command to do this?"... "We control the media, and all the satellites they use; so we will take control... [when an unapproved disclosure is about to take place]"

Isn't it ironic that Marie Galbraith's UFO "disclosure" group described Greer as a "loose cannon" in the late 1990s? Like he doesn't have the right to do things his own way, or the right to share the findings of the group with the general public.

ffd   Another person, Greer claims, that was part of the control group was William Colby, the former CIA director who was deeply involved in setting up the European Stay-Behind networks. Colby's role in Vietnam has been questioned due to his role in Project Phoenix and the Nugan Hand Bank (He was an attorney of this bank that is suspected of having been a world wide heroin money laundering center, revolving around Ted Shackley's secret team. One of Shackley's best friends was Conrad Gerber, a major player in the international oil markets who is a present-day
member of Le Cercle). After Vietnam he became involved with Kissinger's 40 Committee, which oversaw special operations against foreign countries. Colby has attended meetings of the private transnational security group Le Cercle**, which is tightly linked to the Vatican (SMOM and Opus Dei) and the London business and religious interests, not the least of them the Rothschilds. It also has some links to the legendary French Synarchie. According to Greer, Colby received access to extraterrestrial material, together with a black budget of about $50 million. In the mid 1990s, Colby, of the opinion that the covert projects were out of control, decided to transfer a large sum to Greer's CSETI. But before he was able to do that, he was assassinated.

** Le Cercle article will be vastly expanded in the near future.

Accusations (although proof is always absent) about money laundering, dope trafficking, weapons, and raw materials, seems to be the common theme between some of the people mentioned above:

  • Maxwell Rabb, possibly through both the mafia's Sterling National Bank and Finance International.
  • Pete Peterson, possibly through AIG.
  • William Colby, possibly through the Nugan Hand Bank.

The control group
According to Greer, there's a worldwide control group of about 200 to 300 members who's sitting on these technologies and information. Not everyone in this group has the same ideas or agendas, but the most powerful faction within this group, who has access to all the technologies (mentioned is a spectrum of psychotronic weaponry, powerful supercomputers, advanced bio-science, craft with exotic propulsion systems and control systems linked to thought, and consciousness-linked real-time monitoring systems), is highly violent. Even Lawrance Rockefeller was afraid of the control group, and said to Greer: "My hands are tied... you have to do it... I can't be up there. The family won't have it." In fact, Greer mentions reports of satanic initiations in his book. This is a touchy subject, but completely similar statements, for similar purposes (intimidation; blackmail; selection procedure), can be found in the Belgian X-File witness testimonies ("Opus Dei members are the most brutal"), among other places.

In the United States, the Mormon financial empire, David Rockefeller, George Shultz and Bechtel have a lot of involvement with the covert group, although they might be part of different cells. Several defense and aerospace companies have mercenaries working for them who are involved with the sickest parts of the Devil's Disciples motorcycle gang. In England we have the Rothschilds while it seems that the British royal family, at least in the past, doesn't know the whole story. In northern Europe we have some of the same Jewish/Protestant/Atheist businessman of the type that can be found in England and the US. And in southern Europe we have cells within the Vatican, Opus Dei, SMOM, the Jesuits, and some of the other religious orders headed by the catholic "black" nobility (Hans Adam is mentioned by Greer. I would also guess Opus Dei luminaries as Otto von Habsburg, Juan Carlos, the Duke of Savoy, Thurn und Taxis and possibly the Belgian royals have some kind of involvement), who are part of the covert group. According to Greer, this is where the keepers of this information should be found. Hopefully he'll release more information in the future.

A strange mix, indeed

The aims of this control group, according to Greer, is to establish a worldwide big brother government and to reduce the world's population to a fraction of what it is today. Apocalyptic worldviews and radical environmental agendas are the reason behind these planned population reductions. The technologies themselves are kept secret, because it would completely and permanently upset the present world order.

Supposedly, there is an agenda out there to stage an alien threat on the earth with so-called "alien reproduction vehicles" (ARVs) manned by "programmed life forms" (PLFs). At the very least, there will be some sort of alien threat "out there" that we would have to continue to build weapons against. According to Greer, this is really a core issue of the hidden agenda. Already before 9/11, it was claimed that the "terrorist card" would be played some time before the extraterrestrial event would be staged.

There's much more to be found in the book, or on the Disclosure Project DVDs and books. Even though the information would ordinarily be labeled as "insane", it's very hard to write off Greer's credentials and accomplishments. He is a medical doctor who ran a busy ER, and he has spoken to quite a number of influential individuals. Among his supporters, and-or the people he has spoken to, are:

  • James Woolsey , when he was CIA director (barred from ET information, like most others in this list)
  • Several of Bill Clinton closest aides, like Jack Gibbons
  • Adm. Tom Wilson, head of intelligence of the Joint Chiefs of Staff (barred from ET information)
  • Andy Card, Chief of Staff of president George W. Bush (spoke out his support to one of the Disclosure witnesses on the day of the National Press Event in May 2001)
  • Boutros-Boutros Ghali, head United Nations (barred from ET information)
  • Laurance Rockefeller, older brother of David Rockefeller.
  • Prince Hans Adam von Liechtenstein.
  • "Y.H.", a European financier and hotelier who attended the Bohemian Grove (where participants were told that there's nothing to the UFO phenomenon after members started discussing the Disclosure Project in 2001).
  • Ira Rosen, executive producer at ABC News, whose in depth items about Greer were not allowed to air.
  • Bob Schwarz, director of Time-Life, who was not allowed to publish important MJ-12 related documents.
  • Larry King, who said journalistic integrity has been out of the window for many years.
  • Ted Koppel, anchorman of ABC who expressed support for Greer's search for a free energy device
  • Sarah McClendon, the famed White House correspondent.
  • Senator and General Barry Goldwater , who tried to find out about the UFO phenomenon, but was blocked from all sides.
  • Senator Claiborne Pell, chairman of Foreign Relations (played a dubious role).
  • Senator Robert Byrd, president pro tempore of the Senate.
  • Senator Dick Bryan, head of Senate Intelligence Committee.
  • Senator Ted Kennedy, brother of JFK and RFK.
  • Congressman Dan Burton, chair Subcommittee on National Security, Emerging Threats, and International Relations.
  • Congressman Dennis Kucinich , who invited Greer to give his staff a briefing.
  • Congressman Virgil Goode, who said to Greer: "I've been reading about what you've been doing, for some time - a lot of us have." And also: "But, you know, there's another group that really runs the show. It's very shadowy, just as you've described... Those of us in the Congress of the United States are window dressing."
  • Astronauts Edgar Mitchell (seems to disagree about the moon anomalies, and such, but does agree about the control group) and Brian O'Leary, and several other astronauts have stated they have seen UFOs.
  • About 500 Disclosure Project witnesses, which include many intelligence people from all agencies, and many scientists from NASA, Lockheed, and other aerospace and defense corporations.

Missing index

Below I created a partial index of Greer's book 'Hidden Truth, Forbidden Knowledge'. It should make it much easier to find certain passages when you need them in the future.

36-37 "Alien Reproduction Vehicles", "Programmed Life Forms" (one near Dulce), abduction research funding, and a staged alien threat; claim that Opus Dei has a cell within it that is very much involved in these projects
77 Initial advice to Greer by National Security lawyer
80 Difference between Alien Reproduction Vehicles and real ET craft
81 UFO organization not allowed to publish the successful CSETI event to contact extraterrestrials
82-85 Attempt to recruit Greer into General T.E. (Albert Stubblebine) and Col. MK (John Alexander) cell at UFO conference; People at UFO conference were friends with the British royal family
87 Greer's successful crop circle meditation in England
98-103 Lawrance Rockefeller and Galbraith experience
99 General T.E. people say they control all satellites
99-100 Mr. X meeting
117 CIA director James Woolsey experiences consciousness-linked real-time monitoring systems
119-121 Wrigley Mansion meeting
123 Threats against Carter and Clinton
126 Meeting with wife of the head of the United Nations
127 Giving all info to stranger on bench
128 Meeting with Prince S.A. in New York
130 Relative of red-haired Roswell sergeant in today's black programs
134 Objective to kill billions of people
138-139 Document about the death death/assassination of Marilyn Monroe
147-148 Greer's conversation with Larry King.
149 Greer's responsibility for the Phoenix lights
151 Staged attack on the earth to form worldwide big brother government
153 Von Braun also warned against psychotronic weaponry
156 Colby's role in the ET projects
157 Electromagnetic transfer of cancers
165 Greer about the Sangre de Cristo mountains with which Maurice Strong has an obsession
177-180 How the abduction phenomenon has been staged, according to Greer
179 Paul Bennewitz case
182 Lord Hill Norton meeting and claim about Lord Mountbatten assassination
183-184 The role of Admiral Harry Trane
185 General/Senator Barry Goldwater and General Curtis LeMay
186 To Barry Goldwater about "Admiral Y.N.: "... he's like MJ-12 Number 3."
187 Vice president George Humphrey and Kirtland AFB ET projects
192 Roswell explanation
193 Acknowledges the work of Catherine Austin Fitts
193 Power structure: Mormonism, Vatican, hired contractors, the Devil's Disciples, etc.
194 Black ops "UFO researcher and picture analyst"; James Jesus Angleton descendant
197-204 How the May 2001 National press event came about; meetings with politicians and media people
203 Talk with a Bohemian grove participant; disinfo campaign against Grovers
221 The cell in which George Shultz and Bechtel are involved
228-232 Involvement of the Vatican Secret Service, Opus Dei, Knights of Malta, and the Jesuit Secret Service
235-236 A few worldwide facilities in which "Programmed Life Forms" (fake aliens like some Greys and Reptilians) are created (one of the most advanced in England); satanic rituals.
244 Conversation with Ted Koppel of ABC

Timeline Rockefeller/Clinton UFO Disclosure process: (added December 6, 2012):

Some of the sources can be found in the 1001 Club membership list under the names of Laurance Rockefeller, Hans Adam and Prince Philip. David Rockefeller, the Bechtels, Rothschilds and Pehr Gyllenhammar have been other members.

Scott Jones is an aide of Sen. Claiborne Pell, working in the UFO field, talking to everyone and funding a few causes. He's in direct contact with Hans Adam von Liechtenstein, Col. John Alexander and others. UFO cover up live.
October 15, 1988
UFO Cover Up? Live! show. Area 51 mentioned for the first time. Bill Moore, Stanton Friedman, Jaime Shandera and the son of Jesse Marcel talk about Roswell. Others are on talking about the Holloman AFB landing (typical alien, with an earpiece and translation device). Falcon and Condor talking their apparent total BS about aliens especially liking Tibetan music and believing in a supreme being (considered disinformation aspects by Budd Hopkins). Sergei Belunska from Russia claimed two UFOs probably caused explosion in Tunguska. Proposes a joint US-American expedition to find out. 87% of callers wanted congressional investigation.
Human Potential Foundation is set up by Scott Jones and Pell, funded by Hans Adam. Laurance Rockefeller became another major financier of the foundation.
November 30, 1989
United Nations secretary general Perez de Cuellar is supposedly kidnapped by aliens.
Greer sets up CSETI.
January 1990
The exclusive, private abductee conference TREAT II is organized by Rima Laibow (wife of General ALbert Stubblebine) with financial backing of Hans Adam von Liechtenstein through Scott Jones. Scott Jones tried to exclude Budd Hopkins, leading to a break between Scott Jones and Hans Adam.
July 1990
Hans Adam von Liechtenstein and Robert Bigelow are financiers of a Washington, D.C. conference that brings together many Roswell witnesses. Interviews with the witnesses leads to the video Recollections of Roswell, which is good for the most part - except for the questionable San Agustin crash witnesses. Recollections of Roswell is produced by the Fund for UFO Research, largely ran by Bruce Maccabee and Don Berliner.
Summer 1992
Prince Hans Adam von Liechtenstein and his very close associate, the abductee researcher Budd Hopkins, inquire about de Cuellar’s alleged abduction.
Greer and Colin Andrews are in England. Seemingly after a meditation of Greer a crop circle appears in the field what would become the CSETI logo.
March 1992
Greer is able to vector in four UFOs in Florida in March 1992. After this he is called by Stubblebine and his UFO group, invited to a hotel room, and repeatedly asked "what the hell he was doing." In this same year, possibly at the same meeting, Greer was asked to join Stubblebine's secret group. August 11, 2013, Steven Greer in a speech at the Joshua Tree Retreat Center: "The [former] head of Army Intelligence [Stubblebine], in 1992, he offered me, this is not in the film, they offered me, and I will not talk about this too much, and then they went to my wife with the same offer, $2 billion, in 1992 dollars, if I would sell out the planet, join his group, and run according to the program."
Laurence Rockefeller starts funding Scott Jones' Human Potential Foundation after having shown Rockefeller some Roswell evidence. Rockefeller donates an initial $300,000 and eventually a total of $700,000.
October 1992
Journalist Rick Farley begins working for Rockefeller on UFO disclosure.
January 24, 1993
Clinton appoints Webster Hubbell as associate attorney general and liaison between the White House and the Justice Department. The only condition: he has to inquire about UFOs and JFK. Hubbell does, without result.
July 1992
Greer begins his Project Starlight.
April 14, 1993
Rockefeller and Scott Jones brief Jack Gibbons and an aide. Laurance Rockefeller meets Clinton at White House.
September 13-15, 1993
Round table discussion at JY Ranch: representatives from Gibbons office, Richard Farley, Rockefeller, Henry Diamond, Dr. Scott Jones, Dr. John Mack, Dr. Bruce Maccabee, Dr. Leo Sprinkle, Linda Moulton Howe, Dr. Steven Greer, and Keith Thompson.
Late 1993
Laurance tells Greer he can't press harder for disclosure, because his family doesn't want him to do that.
December 13, 1993
At his home Greer has a dinner meeting with James Woolsey, Suzanne Woolsey, John Petersen and his wife. Woolsey had been CIA director since February 1993.
January 1994
Funds are provided for Greer's Project Starlight. Greer wants $1.2 million, but is given $20,000.
February 4, 1994
Laurance Rockefeller meets Jack Gibbons to discuss UFO disclosure. Gibbons thinks the investigation should focus on the Roswell case specifically.
Woolsey known to have tried to open up CIA files on UFOs.
Supposedly Greer is told by a Clinton representative that Clinton had to back off, because "he will end up like Jack Kennedy".
Winter 1994
Greer's Wrigley Mansion meeting.
The UFO Research Coalition (UFORC) falls apart. The group was founded a year earlier and was a rare alliance between MUFON, the Fund for UFO Research (FUFOR) and the Center for UFO Studies (CUFOS). The coalition was funded by billionaire Robert Bigelow and fell apart when Bigelow was accused of trying to influence the policy of these groups too much.
A new air force investigation claims that Roswell was a Project Mogul balloon with crash dummies (who weren't used at the time yet) result in Laurance Rockefeller and the White House to switch tactics. Instead of exposing one cover-up, Roswell, the focus will now be on a presentation of a number of powerful UFO cases.
February 1995
In any case, Greer is quietly sidelined by Galbraith, supposedly at the insistence of UFO groups MUFON, FUFOR and CUFOS. The UFORC (official or unofficial at that point) begins working on Unidentified Flying Objects - Briefing Document: The Best Available Evidence, financed by Laurance Rockefeller. Greer claims he has already been working on such a document since 1993.
May 1995
Scott Jones' organized When Cultures Meet Conference. The Proceedings: "The capstone of a strategy to encourage the Clinton administration to review government policy of secrecy and denial concerning UFO and ET information was a conference held in Washington, D.C. in May 1995. Scott Jones, the editor of The Proceedings: When Cosmic Cultures Meet designed the strategy that brought Laurence Rockefeller and the president's Science Advisor, Dr. Jack Gibbons together in the Old Executive Office Building. … The Proceedings provides much more than the presentations of twenty-two speakers that included John Mack, Ruth Montgomery, Zecharia Sitchin, and James Hurtak." Other attendees were Charles Tart, Ruth Montgomery, Dennis Rohatyn, Dave Hunt, Michael Hesemann, Elisabet Sahtouris, James Ware.
June 1995
Greer is provided with $20,000 dollar Rockefeller money via Galbraith to hold his Asilomar conference. 24 witnesses from the U.S. and USSR show up to tell their stories and ask Clinton to open up government files. This meeting led to the 2001 National Press Conference.
August 1995
Laurance Rockefeller meets with Clinton at his birthday party and the Rockefeller's JY Ranch.
October 1995
Split between Galbraith/Rockefeller and Greer. Greer was using Rockefeller'ss name to get attention while Rockefeller/Galbraith did not agree with Greer's idea that all abductions were military projects. They also didn't like any of Greer's conspiracy talk. Henry Diamond, Laurance's attorney, apparently was instrumental in cutting Greer off, because Greer was saying he was Laurance's representative.
November 1995
Draft version of The Best Available Evidence is send to the White House and various leaders around the world.
December 1995
The final version of The Best Available Evidence is finished. Marie Galbraith oversaw the whole BAE project as soon as Don Berliner (FUFOR) had finished his draft. Fate magazine UFO columnist Antonio Huneeus was hired to finish up the final version, but worked completely under Galbraith's direction. Rockefeller had put up the money, but did not get involved in the contents. He also did not endorse the BAE. He was only interested in seeing what the government had in its archives.
January 1996
Laurance Rockefeller, Claiborne Pell and C.B. Scott Jones are lobbying congress to grant congressional immunity for Robert Dean, who is willing to speak out about UFO secrecy. Dean, although a later Disclosure Project witness, is a fraud with stories about the Annunaki (Sitchin) and demonstrated a NATO document that was completely bogues. He also made a big deal about having a cosmic top secret clearance, which just happens to be the name of NATO's standard top secret clearance.
February 1996
Greer receives a copy of the final version of The Best Available Evidence. Marie Galbraith decides to copyright the paper, give the copyright to UFORC, and limit its distribution. Greer claims he's furious about this, because the original intention of Rockefeller and his group was that this paper could be freely distributed. Greer receives no reply from Rockefeller about this, but claims he was surrounded by spooks like Galbraith who limited the effectives of the funds he made available.
April 1997
Greer has altered the original executive summary of The Best Available Evidence and spreads it to journalists and Washington officials. Because he makes it look like a CSETI work, UFORC threatens to sue. The White House also distributes draft copies to those who request information, but is not threatened.
April 1997
Greer and Edgar Mitchell brief Admiral Thomas Wilson, head of intelligence of the Joint Chiefs (and later a DIA director), on UFOs. He is given code numbers of present black programs, but is not given access. According to Greer, Wilson was told by a contractor that he had no "need to know".

July 4, 2008, CNN, Edgar Mitchell at 'Larry King Live': "Well, I eventually went to the Pentagon and asked for a meeting with the Intelligence Committee of the Joint Chiefs of Staff which I got with another naval officer who had had many similar experiences and we told our story and this gentleman, a vice admiral, said to us, well, I don't know about that but I'm going to find out [if these projects [with extremely questionable names as "Royal Ops", "Cosmic Ops" and "Project Red Light", as stated by Greer] you mention]. And called a few weeks later and said he had found the source of the black budget funding for this project and that he was going to subsequently investigate because if it was real he should know about it, as a matter of fact, he should be in charge. Those were his words. And so we did get calls from some time later and a report much later than that that he had found the people responsible for the cover-up and for the people who were in the know and were told, 'I'm sorry, admiral, you do not have need to know here and so, goodbye.' "

Members of the visiting group included Greer, Mitchell, US Naval Reserve Commander Willard H. Miller (Atlantic Command; Space Command; Honeywell; SAIC; TS-SCI clearances; member Ordo Supremus Militaris Templi Hierosolymitani [OSMTH]; deep involvement in Greer's CSETI group) and a number of other CSETI witnesses. Mitchell claimed he was informed about the admiral's efforts through a contact - not directly. Richard Dolan contacted Wilson, who confirmed the meeting took place, but got angry and hung up as soon as he realized what Dolan really called for.

August 6, 2008, Herald-Tribune, 'Admiral: Never looked for UFO data': "[Adm. Wilson:] [I met with them] because he [Mitchell] was a former astronaut and maybe had more credibility than some person off the street. ... [I had] a certain amount of curiosity... What is true is that I met with them. What is not true is that I was denied access to this material, because I didn't pursue it. I may have left it open with them, but it was not especially compelling, not compelling enough to waste my staff's time to go looking for it."

Greer also speaks to General Patrick Hughes, head of the DIA, at some point. Mitchell soon distances himself from Greer, for making too many claims for which he thinks there's little to no evidence.
John L. Petersen, a friend of James Woolsey, invites Catherine Austin Fitts to a meeting at his Arlington Institute and to the board of the institute. According to Fitts, she attended a meeting with Woolsey, Petersen, Joe Firmage and other directors in which they discuss how to "help the Navy adjust their operations for a world in which it was commonly known that aliens exist and live among us."
Laurance Rockefeller finances a study on crop circles for Colin Andrews in Great Britain. Supposedly Greer is also present.
The commericial edition of The Best Available Evidence is released. Rockefeller has withdrawn from the project. It is said that people like Joe Firmage (Arlington Institute) and Robert Bigelow (Colonel John Alexander associate) will take over funding.
May 9, 2001
Disclosure Project press conference in Washington.
John Podesta, former chief of staff to Clinton, calls for an end to government secrecy on UFOs.
2013 Greer claims James Woolsey is heading a team that is suppressing alternative energy devices. August 11, 2013, Steven Greer in a speech at the Joshua Tree Retreat Center: "Over the last decade I've provided maybe around $800,000 in grants to various inventors and teams who wanted to try to do this. They either couldn't do it by themselves working out of their garage or once they close and knew they could do it [they were shut down]. Like a few years ago, a man who did contract work for the CIA for years, and now down at Redstone Arsenal, under contract for the intelligence community... He was trained by William S. Bener at the University of Washington. ... He came forward. He said, 'Look, my handlers, or Shepards he called them, in the intelligence community I can work with you not on something that flies, like a UFO, ... but I can work on building a stationary object that can run your house and car and business without pollution, off the grid, based on a zero point energy science.' ... So I did [provide the funding]. About the time that thing was gonna get operational, within sixty days of delivery - and he is doing this in his spare time. At his farm, not to far from Huntsville, Alabama - ... A former CIA director, who I had briefed, and who then betrayed us and became chief counsel of Booz, Allen, Hamilton [James Woolsey], the same outfit Snowden worked for, showed up at his command, his SCIF, which was a Secure Communications and Intelligence Facility, with a team of people who threatened him, his wife. And basically this guy said, "I'm outta here.""



July 1, 2006 - Hidden Truth, Forbidden Knowledge: Dr. Greer's new book
Part 1 - identifying those made anonymous

Update, July 1: Reply from the Disclosure Project added.

While going through the digital Who's Who (1.3 million biographies) two weeks ago, I came across a handful of people who actually were polite enough to state they had been members of the 1001 Club. Though this might be a pathetically low number, especially compared to the 600 or so that have stated they were/are members of the Pilgrims Society, one of these people turned out to be Egmond Frommelt, a former chairman of the Bank of Liechtenstein, one of the banks owned by Prince Hans Adam von Liechtenstein.

  This small discovery reminded me of the fact that I still had to buy Dr. Steven Greer's new book, 'Hidden Truth, Forbidden Knowledge.' Why? Because Greer has spoken to Hans Adam, who used to be known as a prominent UFO investigator. And the one thing I always wanted to find out is where ufology, the supernatural, and the elitist institutions combine.

Besides the fact that there's no index, the only thing that bothered me about Greer's (very interesting) new book

is the fact that the names of most of the UFO investigators he accuses of being in bed with military intelligence are censored out. Although he probably has good reasons for doing this, it painfully reminds me of the Dutroux X-file affair ("Politician O."; "Businessman P."; "Mayor T."). Fortunately, in contrast to the X-Files, Greer doesn't make it very hard to find out the true identities of most of the people he accuses. So, let's have a look at who hides behind those fictitious names.

Below, in the first column, you can see a list of names that appear in the book. The next two columns respectively show what I think is the real name, and how sure I am about it. Further down you can read in great detail how these conclusions were reached. When reading the book, I suggest you keep this list at hand. If you think one of the names is wrong, just send me an email.

Name in book Real name (as thought by PEHI) How sure
General T.E. [p. 82-85, 99] Gen. Albert Stubblebine Near 100%
Col. MK [p. 82, 133] Col. John Alexander Near 100%
W.B. [p. 88, 116] Robert Bigelow Near 100%
"slippery shadowy-op psychiatrist" [p. 82-83] Rima Laibow About 55%
C.B. Scott Jones [p. 99] C.B. Scott Jones 100%
Lawrance Rockefeller [p. 98, 101-102] Lawrance Rockefeller 100%
"Woman in Red" [p. 98] Marie Galbraith Near 100%
"Bruce"[p. 98] Evan Galbraith Near 100%
Mr. X [p. 99-100] Dr. John Mack About 65%
Prince S.A. [p. 128-130] Hans Adam von Liechtenstein Near 100%

From left to right: Gen. Stubblebine, Col. Alexander, Rima Laibow, Bob Bigelow, Evan Galbraith, John Mack, and Hans Adam von Liechtenstein.

95% of the following information is readily available on the internet. They're just basic biographies with not a whole lot of disputed information.

Gen. Albert "Bert" Stubblebine III Hints by Greer about General T.E.'s identity:
1) General T.E. was a former head of Army Intelligence
2) General T.E. was present at the April 1992 meeting in Atlanta with Steven Greer. The General held a speech.
3) General T.E.'s sidekick was Col. MK (John Alexander)

Born in 1930. Republican and Presbyterian. Graduated from West Point in 1952. MA in chemical engineering from Columbia in 1961. Army intelligence officer. Head of INSCOM (Army Intelligence) 1980-1984 (1). During this time, he launched a series of secret projects at Fort Meade involving remote viewing, in which Col. John Alexander was involved. Participated in the course Neuro-Linguistic Programming (NLP) of Col. John Alexander in 1983. Vice president of Intelligence Systems at BDM International from about 1984 to 1990, an aerospace and defense contractor, which is suspected by of involvement in black projects dealing with psychotronic weapon development. Chairman of PSI TECH since 1990. Ed Dames and Col. John Alexander, a close associate of Stubblebine (3), were directors of PSI-TECH. Worked on several remote viewing related projects until 1993. Lectured on remote viewing at several conferences in April and May of 1992, where he was introduced by Dr. Steven Greer (2). Among them: the International Symposium on UFO Research Sponsored by the International Association for New Science, Denver, Colorado, May 22-25, 1992. Member of the Executive Advisory Board for the American Board for Certification in Homeland Security. On the board of Canadian Submarine Technologies, Inc. Said to have played a role in the Aviary, the intelligence group said to have interfaced with the civilian UFO community.

Col. John B. Alexander Hints by Greer about Col. MK's (reference to Mind Kontrolle, as in MK-ULTRA?) identity:
1) According to Greer, the Col. is often referred to as Dr. Death and has a Ph.D. in Thanatology.
2. Col. MK was head of the psychotronic and non-lethal weapons programs.

3) Present at the April 1992 meeting in Atlanta with Steven Greer.

4) Married a "journalist", who, like John, can be quite boorish.
5) Close associate of General T.E., (Stubblebine)

Entered the US Army as a private in 1956. Commanded Special Forces "A" Teams in Vietnam and Thailand 1966-1969. His teams are said to have been involved in Project Phoenix terror campaign. Supposedly received a Ph.D. in Thanatology (1) , a study of the social and emotional aspects surrounding death. Taught the course Neuro-Linguistic Programming (NLP) in 1983, which counted among its participants Gen. Albert Stubblebine and Al Gore (who since then became a good friend of Alexander). Alexander worked closely with his superior, Gen. Stubblebine, since this period, on a number of paranormal/UFO issues. Both have been interested in creating an elite soldier with very powerful paranormal abilities. Director of non-lethal weapons (2) testing at Los Alamos in the 1980s. Officially retired from the US Army as a Colonel in 1988. Director of PSI-TECH, together with Major Ed Dames (who cranks out doom scenario after doom scenario these days), at the time Gen. Stubblebine was its chairman. Organized and chaired five major conferences on non-lethal weapons. Task Force member of the CFR's 1995 Nonlethal Technologies Independent Task Force Report. JASON scientist Richard L. Garwin, and Richard "Prince of Darkness" Perle were two other members of the CFR's task force. Involved in the creation of the Joint Non-Lethal Weapons Directorate. Served as a US delegate to four NATO studies on non-lethal weapons. Important scientist at NIDS, which was founded in 1995, and a close associate of its owner and president, the shadowy Las Vegas (Nevada) businessman Robert Bigelow. Married Victoria Lacas (Alexander), an abduction researcher and rather boorish Las Vegas-based film reviewer/ journalist for the Devil's Hammer (4). Victoria has written a comedy screenplay called BeDeviled, which is about a woman whose sister is having a love affair with the devil. She also gets along well with Stubblebine (5), and has been photographed having dinner with John's friend, Edward Teller. She is said to be on a strange diet of only 500 calories a day. Student of mysticism and of the South American ritual use of ayahuasca. In the past few years, John and Victoria have visited Peru, Brazil, Antarctica, Mali, Nepal, Turkey and Argentina. One of the founders of the International Remote Viewing Association. In the past few years, John and Rima have visited Peru, Brazil, Antarctica, Mali, Nepal, Turkey and Argentina. Great supporter of using advanced technologies to create a "safe" police state. Said to have played a role in the Aviary, the intelligence group said to have interfaced with the civilian UFO community. Alexander confirmed the existence of the Aviary and some of the people involved, but claims it was just an inside joke to paranoid people who didn't want to state their own name over the telephone. Claims UFOs and abductions are real, but denies there's any government conspiracy in covering up crashed alien technology and back engineering projects. Instead, he believes the government ignored the whole issue after they acknowledged the phenomenon wasn't an issue of national security. Denounced the books of Howard Blum ("preposterous"), Gregg Bishop/Richard Doty ("factually totally inaccurate"), and Jon Ronson, which are critical of his person. Doesn't support Greer at all. Although supposedly a friend of Col. Philip Corso, he claims that most of the technological issues raised in the book weren't correct, and that Corso had been planning on correcting some of these issues (but is now dead).

Alexander is a former president of the International Association for Near Death Studies (1984-86), and he did his Ph.D work under Elisabeth Kubler-Ross.

Robert "Bob" T. Bigelow Hints by Greer about W.B.'s identity:
1) Funded the investigation into the new British crop circle phenomenon in the summer of 1992
2) Very wealthy businessman from Nevada

Graduated from Arizona State University in 1967 with a BA in Business Administration. Made a fortune with his Budget Suites of America, a hotel chain spanning the U.S. states of Arizona, Nevada, and Texas. Started attending UFO conferences in the 1980s. The most prominent American financier in the paranormal. Funded Bob Lazar after his November 1989 expose on a TV show hosted by George Knapp. Bigelow sponsored a 1992 Roper Poll designed to elicit from respondents whether they had experienced any of a number of phenomena connected with the abduction experience. David Jacobs, Budd Hopkins, and John Mack worked on the project, which they termed a success. Bigelow also footed the bill for those researchers' workshops on the psychological impact of abduction, which were given to mental health professionals around the country free of charge. Largely sponsored Project Argus in July 1992, a crop circle research program in England (1). Greer claims Bigolow's researchers did some interesting field work, but completely sanitized CSETI's successful experiment to request a specific formation (CSETI is not the only one who accomplished this feat). Linda Moulton Howe, who has written books on cattle mutilations and other phenomena, received a research grant from Bigelow in 1994 to study plant and animal tissue associated with mutilation cases. Proposed and funded an attempt in the 1994-1995 period to form a coalition between the three major UFO reporting centers: MUFON, FUFOR, and CUFOS. Bigelow pulled the plug from this project in late 1995, after a conflict with the individual leaders who were of the opinion that Bigelow was trying to control the individual institutions too much. Col. John Alexander is said to have advised Bigelow on this issue. Formed the National Institute for Discovery Science (NIDS) in October 1995, a relatively low-profile UFO/paranormal investigation institute that often doesn't share a its research with the public. NIDS scientists have included Col. John B. Alexander, Victoria Alexander, Edgar Mitchell, Gordon Novel, Hal Puthoff, Jacques Vallee, Colm A. Kelleher, and Bruce Maccabee. Bigelow's team has been very interested in the Sherman ranch since 1995, which some have suspected is an interdimensional doorway. Shut down NIDS in 2004, supposedly because there was nothing left to investigate. Founded Bigelow Aerospace in 1999, a a Las Vegas, Nevada-based (2) space technology start-up company that is pioneering work on expandable space station modules. Director of the Space Transportation Association and the Space Tourism Division. Member of the Mars Society. Member of the Nevada Test Site Association. Director of the Rhine Research Center. President and owner of Bigelow Management Inc., the Bigelow Development Corp., Bigelow Aerospace, and NIDS. Bigelow has always been very camera-shy, and there are plenty of rumors of this person being a front for intelligence agencies and having connections to the mafia. Col. John Alexander has always defended him.

Rima E. Laibow * Hints by Greer about the psychiatrist's identity:
1) Psychiatrist, but supposedly NOT present at the 1993 JY Ranch meeting which was hosted by Lawrance Rockefeller (where Greer met the spaced-out abduction researcher)
2) Present at April 1992 conference
3) "slippery shadowy-ops" side-kick of General T.E. / Gen. Stubblebine

Born in 1943. Received a MD from Einstein College in 1969. Established psychiatrist (1) and Neurologist. Has been practicing drug-free medicine as the Medical Director of her private practice for over 3 decades. Activist against the Codex Alimentarius. Founder and president of the Neurotherapy Certification Board and an editor of the Journal of Neurotherapy. Founded The Center for Treatment and Research of Experienced Anomalous Trauma (TREAT) in 1989. Organized several quite-exclusive TREAT conferences in the following years, which mainly focused on alien abductions and finding out the details through remote viewing. Col. John Alexander was a program director of at least some of these conferences. Gen. Albert Stubblebine, Ed Dames, Dr. Stephan Schwartz, Jack Houck, Dr. Craig Jensen were some of the people speaking at these conferences ("semi 2"). As usual, Ed Dames, a PSI-TECH board member told some amazingly creepy stories about hibernating aliens and their genetic experimentations. Interestingly, it has been reported that Laibow has claimed to be an abductee herself. Previously associated with Budd Hopkins. In the summer of 1991, C.B. Scott Jones and Laibow were planning a yachting excursion together with Col. John Alexander to investigate anomalies in the Bahamas. Laibow, Stubblebine, ufologist Victoria Lacas (wife of John Alexander), and Jones toured Europe and the Soviet Union, where they established a prodigious UFO/Psi network. Married Gen. Albert Stubblebine (3) at some point. She is the architect, along with her husband, Gen. Stubblebine III, of AEGIS, of a comprehensive Homeland Security private initiative, to increase effectiveness and costs of the organization. On the board of Canadian Submarine Technologies, Inc. Doesn't agree at all with Steven Greer's and Helmut Lammer's theories of MILABs, or military-induced "alien" abductions. According to Lammer, she has misstated a lot of his work.

* Because point 1 and 2 cannot be verified by me, it remains quite uncertain if Greer is talking about Laibow. A list has been given of people attending the 1993 JY Ranch meeting and Laibow did not appear in there. However, I cannot be sure this list was complete.

C.B. Scott Jones Greer gives his name

Born 1928. Joined the Navy around 1946. Career officer, served as a fighter pilot in the Korean War. A.B. in Government from George Washington University in 1961. M.A. in Government and Politics from the University of Maryland in 1963. Ph.D. in International Studies from American University in 1975. Served in Naval Intelligence in the 1960s and 1970s. Has briefed the President's Scientific Advisory Committee (PSAC), which included a bunch of members of the JASON Group and MJ-12 (if the latter one existed). Retired from the Navy around 1976 due to a parapsychological experience. In his post-Navy career he "worked in the private sector research and development community involved in the U.S. Government sponsored projects for the Defense Nuclear Agency, Defense Intelligence Agency [DIA], and U.S. Army Intelligence and Security Command" (INSCOM). Did lots of work on the paranormal. Often escorted Prince Hans-Adam of Liechtenstein. Together, they visited parapsychological laboratories and UFO conferences. Conducted his own dolphin telepathy studies along with Col. John Alexander and Theodore Rockwell, a prominent nuclear engineer who has worked on naval nuclear propulsion systems and who also serves as vice president of the U.S. Psychotronics Association. Aide to Senator Claiborne Pell (chair of the Senate Foreign Relations Committee) 1985-1991, but did nothing other then work in the paranormal. According to one of Scott's emails, he was supporting "Laurance Rockefeller's interests in UFOs" during this time. First met John Mack in 1987 at a conference in California, where Mack had been invited to speak about nuclear weapons (according to Jones, Mack had "really strong feelings" about doing something about nuclear weapons and wanted to address the psychological consequences of even the existence of these weapons). Founder in 1989 and president of the Human Potential Foundation, which included Sen. Pell on the board, and was the institute that was later accused of funneling Laurance Rockefeller's big bucks to John Mack's abduction research center. First fell out with Liechtenstein/Pell after opposing the work of Bud Hopkins; by 1994/1995 also fell out of favor with Rockefeller. Before this time, travelled the world to visit UFO/paranormal conferences (US; UK; USSR; etc.). Money seemed to flow to him, but not from him. Has conducted his own dolphin telepathy studies along with Colonel John Alexander and Theodore Rockwell. Trustee of the American Society for Psychical Research (ASPR) since 1985 and identified as its president in 1992. Caused division among the board and reincarnation researcher Dr. Ian Stephenson was among those who opposed him. At the same time, Jones was a member of the board of tiny "Atlantic University," a non-accredited "academic" division of the Association for Research and Enlightenment (ARE), the organization psychic Edgar Cayce founded in Virginia Beach, VA, to house his (more than 14,000) "channeled" readings and to carry on his work after his death (in 1945). In 1989, MUFON appointed Jones as a Special Consultant in International Relations, formalizing the relationship. Through Hans Adam von Liechtenstein he funded Rima Laibow's January 1990 TREAT II conference (Treatment and Research of Experienced Anomalous Trauma). About 70 investigators, including many research psychologists, clinicians, MDs, physicists and assorted intellectuals who take the abduction phenomenon very seriously met for five days to share ideas. This was by invitation only -- no publicity desired or allowed. Scott chaired a panel, conferred with the university sponsors, acted as liaison with the Prince of Liechtenstein (who was the major benefactor of the conference), and conferred on strategic organizational issues with Walter Andrus, the leader of the Mutual UFO Network (MUFON), and John Schuessler, Andrus' close ufological associate and second- in-command. TREAT was organized by Rima Laibow, MD, a psychiatrist determined to get mainstream attention for the abduction puzzle. She was the obvious and very visible leader, but Scott was never far. In the fall of 1990, Jones and Laibow lectured together in England. As late as the summer of 1991, Jones and Laibow were planning a yachting excursion together with Col. John Alexander (retired from the U.S. Army) to investigate anomalies in the Bahamas. In the field of ufology, one searches in vain for significant published material from the hand of Scott Jones. Headed the Human Potential Foundation in the 1990s, which included among its board members Sen. Pell. The Human Potential Foundation funneled Laurance Rockefeller's money (hundreds of thousands of dollars) to John Mack's Abduction research center. In the summer of 1991, C.B. Scott Jones and Laibow were planning a yachting excursion together with Col. John Alexander to investigate anomalies in the Bahamas. Laibow, Stubblebine, ufologist Victoria Lacas (wife of John Alexander), and Jones toured Europe and the Soviet Union, where they established a prodigious UFO/Psi network. Notably, Jones passed a reported $10,000 to the Fund for UFO Research so that operation could finish their "Witnesses to Roswell" videotape. The money actually came in from Prince Hans Adam through Jones's "Center for Applied Anomalous Phenomena," operated at his home, something Jones continued after HPF got its start. Jones operated the Human Potential Foundation on a shoestring, until he took a copy of the "Witnesses to Roswell" videotape to Laurance Rockefeller, who Jones said "became very excited about it." Laurance followed with a contribution to the HPF of approximately $300,000 to get it launched, in mid-1992. Good thing, too, as Prince Hans Adam had "dumped" Jones and terminated his funds. The scientist Michael Persinger is said to have been a good friend of Jones. Also acquainted with Eldon Byrd (accused of child abuse), a paranormal and mind control researcher who worked for the navy on a variety of non-lethal weapons. According to a senior CIA neuroscientist, Cdr. Jones was "known throughout the intelligence community" for his "psychosexual" expertise. (Interview with Grant Cameron, June 4, 1994) Has stated it is indeed possible that the govenment can stage a fake invasion by aliens, but at the same time feels there might be some alien races out there who are real "buccaneers" (stated in an April 2008 video interview). Also says disclosure needs to done properly, because it can destabilize the world (the knowing that we are technologically inferior). Runs, which prominently mentions the term Exopolitics.

Sen. Claiborne Pell

Greer gives his name as someone who knows quite a bit about the phenomenon (updated)

1918-2009. Pilgrims Society member. AB cum laude, Princeton University, 1940. AM, Columbia University, 1946. Enlisted US Coast Guard Reserve, 1941; instructor Navy School Military Government, Princeton, 1944-45; foreign service officer US Department State, 1945—1952; vice president, director International Rescue Committee. Hon. board directors World Affairs Council Rhode Island; trustee St. George's School; trustee emeritus Brown University; Consultant Democratic National Committee, 1953-60; executive assistant to chairman Rhode Island State Dem. Committee, 1952-54; chairman Rhode Island Dem. Fund drive, 1952, Dem. national registration, chairman, 1956, co-chmn., 1962; chief delegation tally clerk Dem. National Convention, 1956, 60, 64, 68. US Senator from Rhode Island, 1961—1997; chairman US Senate Foreign Relations Committee, 1987—1994. US del. International Maritime Consultative Organization, London, 1959, 25th General Assembly, 1970; distinguished visiting professor Salve Regina University, Newport, Rhode Island, 1997. Grand Cross Order of Merit Liechtenstein. Grand Cross of Merit Knights of Malta. Member Society Cincinnati Clubs: Hope (Providence); Knickerbocker (New York City), Brook (New York City); Metropolitan (Washington); Travellers (Paris); White's (London). Honorary Vice President of the American Bible Society. Historically an outspoken critic on the Vietnam war and proponant of arms control agreements. First Senate advisor appointed to the SALT talks. Member of the Commission on Improving the Effectiveness of the United Nations. Known for his interest in UFOs and the paranormal. Spring 2010 issue, Liechtenstein U.S. Embassy Newsletter: "The visit [of Prince Alois of Liechtenstein to the U.S. Pell Center] underlined the longstanding friendship between the Pell family and the Princely House of Liechtenstein and was designed to pay tribute to the legacy of Senator Pell and the Princely family’s continued support of the Pell Center." In 1979, Together with the Rockefellers, Pell pushed Carter to give the Shah asylum in the United States. In 1996 pushed for immunity for later Disclosure Project witness Robert O. Dean (who has been discredited).

Marie Galbraith Hints by Greer about the Woman in Red's identity:
1) Present at Lawrance Rockefeller's 1993 JY Ranch meeting, together with Greer
2) Husband of "Bruce", the former ambassador to France and a Morgan Stanley investment banker who once worked for the CIA
3) Stole Steven Greer's "The Best Available Evidence" by hiring a UFO writer (Don Berliner?) and copywriting the work, only distributing it to high level circles. Struggled with Greer over the public sharing of this information.

Husband of Evan Galbraith since December 1964, the former ambassador to France and a Morgan Stanley investment banker who once worked for the CIA (2). Marie and Steven Greer first met at a two day meeting of eight UFO researchers convened by the Human Potential Foundation at the JY Ranch of Laurence Rockefeller (1) near Jackson Hole, Wyoming in September of 1993. At the time, Marie supposedly knew almost nothing about the UFO topic. Here Greer informed the researchers about his Disclosure Project plan. Marie went to Laurance Rockefeller in 1994-1995 to ask him to fund a 169 page report, titled 'Unidentified Flying Objects Briefing Document: The Best Available Evidence' (Greer's version on this subject differs; Marie and Lawrance have never explained this issue). The main author of the report, which was originally only distributed to world leaders and other influential persons (although it's doubtful how many reports actually arrived) , was initially written by UFO author Don Berliner (wrote the 1992 book 'Crash at Corona' with Stanton Friedman), but later heavily edited by Fate magazine UFO columnist Antonio Huneeus, who had been hired by Galbraith. Supposedly this was done so world leaders wouldn't be caught unaware when the reality of the alien presence was announced. Marie co-authored the report. Steven Greer initially thought he would be part of the project, but was left out at Galbraith's insistence. As 1995 evolved the relationship between Greer and Galbraith deteriorated until in October 1995, they corresponded for the last time. The most objectionable thing to most of the UFORC (Marie's research group) members about Greer appeared to be some of the philosophy and methodology of Greer’s CSETI group. "Greer was considered a loose cannon at best," one member said, "no one in the larger group would ever have allowed Greer anywhere near the project." When questioned in 1997 about Greer’s possible involvement in the drafting of the BAE, Don Berliner stated that "the implication that he worked with Greer and CSETI to be highly insulting, and damaging to his reputation as a professional writer." Greer claims the work was originally of CSETI and was stolen by Galbraith. A lawsuit followed when Greer shared the document with the world (3). Marie has been quoted as saying: "I think to be skeptical is extremely healthy because I was, when I started out. Only because I've just been with the head of the Belgian Air Force and the head of French intelligence do I take it seriously now." She is also quoted as having said: "Our goal is to have elected officials decide what is secret and what is not because now the bureaucrats keep all the secrets. They don’t even keep the Congress and President informed."

Evan G. Galbraith Hints by Greer about Bruce's identity:
1) husband of the 'Woman in Red' (Marie Galbraith)
2) one of President Reagan's ambassadors
3) on the board of Morgan Stanley and many top transnational companies
4) former CIA operative

Born in 1928. Graduated from Yale University, where he was a roommate of co-Skull & Bones member William S. Buckley Jr. Crossed the Atlantic at least twice with Buckley on Buckley's sailboat. Harvard Law School. Active duty in the Navy from 1953-1957 where he worked for the CIA (4). Confidential assistant to the secretary of commerce 1960-1961. Vice president of Morgan Guaranty Trust of New York and Paris 1961-1969. Married Marie Helene Rockwell in 1964 (1). Chairman of Bankers Trust International 1969-1975. Managing director at Dillon, Read & Co. in London and New York 1975-1981. Reagan's ambassador to France 1981-1985 (2). Member of the CFR since the early 1980s. Advisory director of Morgan Stanley 1985-2008 (3). Rumsfeld's representative in Europe 2001-2006. Advisor US Mission to NATO 2001-2008. Chairman of the board of National Review, a conservative political magazine founded by author William F. Buckley Jr. in 1955. Director of Groupe Lagardere S.A. in Paris, which controls, together with Daimler Benz, the European Aerospace and Defense Systems corporation (EADS), Europe's largest defense contractor and principal owner of Airbus. Lived in Europe for more than 20 years as a banker. Has been to the Bohemian Grove Hillbillies camp. Member CFR. Advisory board Center for Security Policy. Feb. 4, 1988, San Diego Union-Tribune, 'Joint Chiefs Back Nuclear Arms Pact': "Evan G. Galbraith, a former U.S. ambassador to France, said the treaty is impossible to verify and will lead to the demilitarization of West Germany and pave the way for Soviet domination of Western Europe by force or intimidation. ... The INF treaty requires the most intrusive system of on-site inspection in the history of modern arms control, but Galbraith said that is inadequate "in the haystack that is the Soviet Union." Another witness, Army Gen. John Galvin, the supreme allied commander in Europe, disagreed that the treaty would lead to West Germany's demilitarization."

John Mack E. * Hints by Greer about Mr. X's identity:
1) Very prestigious abduction researcher
2) Funded by Lawrance Rockefeller
3) Funded by Prince S.A. (Hans Adam von Liechtenstein)
4) Wrote a best-selling book
5) Present at Lawrance Rockefeller's 1993 JY Ranch meeting, together with Greer
6) Used psychedelics on a daily basis, although this isn't know to the public
7) Claimed to be a victim because he has been persecuted for doing his abduction research

Born in 1929. Shortly before his investigations into alien abductions, Mack was a student at the Esalen Institute [mid 1980s], which was founded in 1962 with the help of Aldous Huxley. The institute held many seminars on esoteric topics, including psychology, gesalt therapy, body work, psychic phenomena, mysticism, psychedelics, and quantum physics. Psychedlics ("semi 7") were quite popular and frequently used by the staff and students (mass murderer Charles Manson spent Aug. 5, 1969 at Esalen, just four days before he unleashed the "Helter Skelter" murder spree). Founded the psychiatric department of Cambridge Hospital. Joined the Harvard Medical School faculty in 1964. Became a Harvard professor of psychiatry in 1972. Founded the Center for Psychology and Social Change, which was affiliated with Harvard, in 1983. In June of 1992, John Mack and MIT physicist David E. Pritchard chaired the Abduction Study Conference at MIT, which was largely funded by Prince Hans Adam II of Liechtenstein (3) . Speakers and abduction researchers at the five day conference included Dr. David Jacobs, Dr. John G. Miller, Dr. Richard Boylan, Budd Hopkins (supposedly worked for the CIA to come up with therapies for the abductees), and John S. Carpenter. Went to Lawrance Rockefeller's YT Ranch in 1993, where Dr. Steven Greer explained his Disclosure Project initiave (5). It has been reported that Mack founded his Program for Extraordinary Experience Research (PEER) in 1993 with a Lawrance Rockefeller grant (2) of $194,000. PEER, an "alien abductee support group" laid the groundwork for Mack's 1994 best-selling book 'Abduction: Human Encounters with Aliens' (4). It has also been reported that Lawrance Rockefeller, through the Human Potential Foundation, funded John Mack's center with $250,000 annually in the 1990s (2). Mack himself is said to have privately acknowledged to have received funds from ex-CIA sources. In 1999, his book 'Passport to the Cosmos' was published. Mack was of the opinion that aliens A) were attempting to change human consciousness to prevent the destruction of the Earth's ecosystems and B) to create offsping from aliens and humans. Ran over by a car in 2003 in London. He had become one the most well-known and one of the most respected alien abduction researcher (1).

* Grant Cameron gave the names of those researchers who attended the September 1993 JY Ranch meeting, hosted by Lawrance Rockefeller. Although possibly not complete, it only shows two abduction researchers, both psychiatrists:
- Dr. John Mack
- Dr. Leo Sprinkle
Of these two, John Mack seems to fit best by far, although much less detail is available about Dr. Leo Sprinkle's funding. But Sprinkle certainly hasn't reached the star-status of Dr. John Mack.

Hans Adam II of Liechtenstein Hints by Greer about Prince S.A.'s identity:
1) Prince S.A. claims his brother has been abducted by aliens
2) Greer has spoken about Hans-Adam's involvement in sponsoring the ET.
3) Greer already claimed he had spoken with Hans Adam personally, like he does with "Prince S.A."

About the only monarch in the world who still has (almost) absolute power in his own country. Ruler of Liechtenstein, the money-laundering paradise of the world. Has 3 brothers (1): Filips Erasmus, Nicolaas Ferdinand, and Frans Jozef Wenceslaus. Hans Adam has sponsored many UFO related projects, especially those dealing with abduction research (2). Greer was told this during a personal conversation both with the fictitious "Prince S.A." and the real Prince Hans Adam (3). Co-funded the June 1992 Abduction Study Conference at MIT, which included the research of John Mack (Rockefeller and-or CIA funded), David Jacobs, Budd Hopkins (supposedly worked for the CIA to come up with therapies for the abductees), and several others. Friend of Senator Pell. and funded some of this person's projects.

Lawrance S. Rockefeller Greer gives his name

Member of the famous Rockefeller brothers. Former investment banker and environmentalist (member of the Peace Parks foundation with David Rockefeller). Funded the work of Dr. Steven Greer, although a later, much larger donation was intercepted by the CIA people surrounding him. It was funneled in other UFO projects, like that of Dr. John Mack. According to Greer, Lawrance was sincerely interested in finding out what was behind the UFO phenomenon, but was pressured by his family to leave it alone, while the people that surrounded him effectively rendered his donations largely useless. According to Greer, who has met with Lawrance on several occasions, he finally lost interest in the topic because of people like Marie Galbraith who were manipulating the investigations he sponsored. Hundreds of thousands of dollars of his went to Dr. John Mack's abduction research center. When "The Best Available Evidence" was released to elite political and business circles in 1996, Lawrance didn't order many copies for himself to distribute. The copies he did request went to general Colin Powell, former president Nixon, Henry Kissinger, evangelist Billy Graham, and Maurice F. Strong. Lawrance was involved in Strong's Baca ranch near the Sangro de Cristo mountains.

In part two of this article on 'Hidden Truth - Forbidden Knowledge' we'll take a quick look at what Greer's view on the global power structure is. Fortunately, he does give some very important names here, and it eerily falls together with the power structure the author of this site (and others, of course) has been describing (although a lot is still not ready to be uploaded). Unfortunately, even the very gory details in Greer's book, which luckely is overwhelmingly positive, sound all to familiar.

July 1, email to the Disclosure Project:

I would like you to know that I found Dr. Greer's new book very interesting and loved reading it. But I couldn't resist to try identify some of those made anonymous. Therefore I wrote a short article, which can be found here: . If anyone at the Disclosure Project would like to confirm or deny the names I'd very much appreciate it (although I understand if you choose not to).

Could you please tell me what has been the reason to censor names like Hans Adam von Liechtenstein ("Prince S.A.") in the book while Dr. Greer already spoke about this person's role in the past?

Reply from the Disclosure Project:

No, we are not going to confirm or deny any of those names. That would defeat the purpose of Dr. Greer's using initials only in the first place. We would very much appreciate if you removed that information from the web site.

Well, let's not remove anything. I didn't waste so many hours analysing these names. Besides, if Greer really wanted these names to remain anonymous, the only thing he had to do was to quit dropping all those hints.

Update 2: Strong evidence that the Disclosure Project has been spreading disinformation: (added December 8, 2012):

I used to be a pretty big fan of the Disclosure Project - and apparently some within the Disclosure Project liked this site - but over the years my enthusiasm has dimmed quite a bit. Allow me to explain.

The Disclosure Project has been a really big thing, mainly because of the credentials of many of the witnesses, the prominence of the National Press Club press conference in Washington in 2001, and the persons Steven Greer has been talking to. But despite all this, I've never really had a good feeling about Steven Greer. Take the case of astronaut Edgar Mitchell. In an early Disclosure Project video he stated:

"Whatever activity is going on, to the extent that it is, a clandestine group, a quasi government group, a quasi private group; it is without any type - as far as I can tell - of high level government oversight."

As recent as 2004, the St. Petersburg Times wrote about Mitchell:

"A few insiders know the truth . . . and are studying the bodies that have been discovered," said Mitchell, who was the sixth man to walk on the moon. Mitchell, who landed on the moon with Alan B. Shepard, said a "cabal" of insiders stopped briefing presidents about extraterrestrials after President Kennedy."

At first sight it appears that Mitchell is completely on the same page as Steven Greer when it comes to UFOs and secrecy. However, back in 2001 when the Disclosure Project held its prominent National Press Club conference, Mitchell distanced himself from the project by stating:

"I cooperated with Steve Greer some years ago, but he began to overreach his data continuously, necessitating a withdrawal by myself, and, I believe, several others. ... Although I firmly believe it is time for openness and disclosure by government, I object to being misused in this fashion and acquire guilt by association with certain claims that simply are not true. ... I, nor any crew I was on (I was on three Apollo crews), received any briefing before or after flights on UFO events, saw anything in space suggesting UFOs or structures on the moon, etc. We did it just like we said in official reports. My only claim to knowledge of these events is from the individuals, mostly of yesteryear, who were in government, intelligence, or military; were there, saw what they saw, and now believe it should be made public. But I claim no first hand knowledge, nor have any."

Who has been listening to the Disclosure Project witnesses knows that some of them have been talking about structures on the moon and such, something which Mitchell denies having seen. Greer, on the other hand, in recent years even began to repeat the very questionable rumors that the first astronauts on the moon had seen UFOs.

Over the years I've found the following things to be a concern with Steven Greer:

1) Greer is close to members of the Anglo-American Establishment. He's been to the ranch of Laurance Rockefeller where he was brought into contact with the Clintons, he's always talking about globalization, the effects of global warming (which I think is bs), and his adventures at the United Nations. Greer also vaguely claimed to know about the interest of the Rockefellers, the Rothschilds, Peter G. Peterson, Maxwell Rabb, and Prince Philip in the UFO subject and the Disclosure Project. Each and every person or family mentioned here is part of the Anglo-American Establishment (they have all been Pilgrims btw). It is actually quite likely that Greer has been in contact with Maurice Strong, a close associate of Laurance Rockefeller, the Rothschilds, Al Gore, and such, in the sustainable development and global warming movements. Increasingly I wonder: how much do Greer's spiritual and New Age ideas overlap with those of Maurice Strong?

Equally interesting is Greer's talk about the worldwide policy group that oversees the UFO secrecy. According to Greer, about two-thirds of this group approves of disclosure, although there's a small, but very influential and violent minority that wants to keep things secret. As usual, Greer hasn't spelled out the story, but it's interesting to note that Greer has been attacking a number of traditional opponents of the Anglo-American establishment: key neoconservatives as Donald Rumsfeld and Dick Cheney, the Mormons, and reactionary elements in the Vatican (-Paneuropa network).

2) His spiritual/remote viewing stories don't make that much sense here and there. Remote viewers slamming into alien spacecraft is just one example.

3) Greer continually teases his public with little nuggets of seemingly new information. However, he never lays out the full story, nor does he mention how this information came to him ("witness A said this, witness B said this, we checked this and found out that, etc.").

4) Greer has been talking about finding a free energy device for at least a decade now. Occasionally he claimed to be on the verge of a breakthrough, but ultimately things never seem to go anywhere. He has also never explained how his team would be able to protect the scientists in question, as, according to his own words, the rogue group involved in UFO back-engineering is in the possession of incredibly advanced monitoring equipment.

5) How would Greer be able to protect his (new) witnesses when his adversaries are in the possession of consciousness-linked real-time monitoring systems that supposedly can spy on anyone, at any time, anywhere?

6) Greer's Disclosure Project with its hundreds of witnesses would be incredibly vulnerable to disinformation, especially when information is not being carefully checked (or put aside until it can be verified). New witnesses can have all the credentials in the world, but who says they are telling the truth? It is perfectly possible that the Disclosure Project has been targeted by a long-term disinformation campaign involving at least several dozen witnesses, all of them backing up aspects of each other's stories. Greer's explanation that he is remote viewing many of his future witnesses is not particularly satisfying.

7) Some of Greer's information sounds quite spectacular. However, the more reliable aspects of it have already been discussed in the past and Greer seldom gives credit.

One example is the December 1991 document entitled 'memorandum of the Task Force of Greater CIA openness to the Director of Central Intelligence' which included a passage about the CIA's continued cooperation with the media. It's on the Disclosure Project website and Greer frequently mentions it in his lectures as something members of his team have brought to light. He forgets to mention, however, that it was the Washington Post who quoted from this document in 1992 (April 23, 1992, Washington Post, 'CIA Report On Openness Classified Secret').

Another example from 2006: Greer publicly stated that a top-level SETI scientist had confirmed to the Disclosure Project that SETI had received multiple extraterrestrial signals, but that these signals were soon jammed by U.S. intelligence agencies. True or not, few people know that already in 1990 Pulitzer prize winning author Howard Blum - who has written for the New York Times and was acquainted with Seymour Hersh - had reported something similar in his book Out There (about the only UFO book that I really recommend to anyone). Blum received this information from Jonathan Thompson, the executive secretary to President Bush's Science Advisor. The scientist in question, however, denied ever having said that to Thompson and immediately tried to put an end to the conversation.

A considerable amount of material is described in Blum's book that is today associated with the Disclosure Project. Blum already described the quick reaction teams of Projects Moon Dust and Blue Fly that were to "recover or perform field exploration of unidentified flying objects..." (quote from official documents). Blum also described Joint Chief documents in which they were worried that the increase in UFO sightings above national security sites were preparations for an alien invasion. Out of these fears not only grew Projects Moon Dust and Blue Fly, but also Project Saint and Project Blue Gemini, which were about tracking and killing UFOs.

Greer adds a lot to this older information. The only question is how reliable it is.

8) Greer has used very unreliable witnesses. Probably the best example is Dr. Fred Bell, who appears under the alias "Dr. B." in the Disclosure Project briefing document. It makes me wonder, is it Dr. Bell or Dr. Greer who decided to keep the name "Fred Bell" out of the Disclosure Project briefing document? In the document "Dr. B." is described as "a scientist and engineer who has worked on top-secret projects almost all his life." What is left out is that Dr. Bell has been somewhat prominent in California's New Age circuit since the 1980s (selling his extremely overpriced garbage), and that Dr. Bell claims to be a Pleiadean contactee, that we are all going to die in 2012, that no-757 hit the Pentagon, and that Grey aliens eat humans dissolved in acid. At the very least Greer would normally consider this last point to be pure disinformation, but somehow did think Dr. Bell - who certainly knows his physics, engineering, chemistry, and biology - was credible enough to be a Disclosure Project witness. Very strange.

On June 22, 2008, Paracast hosts Gene Steinberg and David Biedny finally asked Greer some real questions. This interview clearly showed some more peculiar aspects of Greer's personality, among them:

1) Greer can be incredibly condescending, especially when questioned.

2) Greer just talks, and talks, and talks, and is very hard to shut up for even one moment so a follow-up question can be asked. At one point he even says to the hosts "don't interrupt me" and rambles on. In my opinion, at that point Greer wasn't particularly rationally refuting the claim that some abduction cases have been quite malevolent.

3) Greer doesn't do a good job of explaining why participants of CSETI contact events have to sign non-disclosure agreements when it comes to photographs and video material. First Greer is worried that certain members of the contact group may not want these materials out; then he states he's worried individual group members are going to copyright and sell the material. An argument follows about these copyright laws in which one of the hosts - who has some experience in this field - explains to Greer that it's perfectly possible to allow persons to share their videos but not allow them to sell them for profit. Regardless of who's right (and I suspect it's the host), it is quite strange that at the present moment (virtually) no videos about the CSETI contact events are available for download anywhere while CSETI events are supposed to be incredibly spectacular, judging from the words of Steven Greer.

4) At one point during the interview, one of the hosts says he has a close, personal friend who is extremely wealthy and has become interested in Greer's Orion Project, which is trying to raise 3 million dollars to build and market a free energy device. The host explains that his friend would hardly blink even at spending 30 million dollars, but that it is always important to know who exactly is involved in a project. The host, more or less acting as a proxy for his friend, rightly tells Greer that the information on the Orion website is too vague to make it of real interest to any potential big funders, and asks for some additional information on the persons who would be putting together such a device. Interestingly, Greer doesn't embrace this potentially huge opportunity to get all his funding problems out of the way. Instead of taking the host's word for it and scheduling a meeting with this wealthy businessman, he insults the host by questioning no less than four times if he actually has this wealthy friend. Greer's additional explanations on who's involved in the Orion Project, as always, leave much to be desired. This just shows that Greer either is a total retard when it comes to spotting business opportunities, or he has never been interested in actually putting together a free energy device.

You'd almost forget I like a considerable amount of what Dr. Greer has to say during his lectures, including his discussions on all the disinformation that has been spread in the UFO field. Unfortunately, he could make himself much more useful than he is now in getting to the bottom of the UFO issue. All his peculiar antics put a really big dent in his credibility and that of his work.

Update, February 2009: Dr. Greer just did it again. In late December 2008 and early January 2009 it was possible to read the following message on the Disclosure Project website:

"December 19, 2008 - Dr. Greer felt it was important to release this important document now. January 1995 Strategic Studies Institute document describing a plan to control citizens through physical and psychological means including contrived/hoaxed UFO abductions, drugs, holograms, and psychotronics. Note: RMA = Revolution in Military Affairs. Click the following links to read: First page Second page"

The Disclosure Project only uploaded two pages of this "document", which beared the name Strategic Studies Institute. Although this partial document was announced as being a really big and totally new revelation, it actually is anything but that. Here's why:

1) The "document" had already been available to the public for many years at, although the paper never spread beyond this page.
2) The "Document" is not at all an official document written by the Strategic Studies Institute, as the Disclosure Project stated. It actually was a fictional scenario written by Julianne McKinney, a former army intelligence officer and an activist against the abuse of microwave and other electronic weaponry. McKinney's not-too-rational scenario was preceded by another slightly irrational letter. In part it read:

"Dear Dr. Metz and LTC Kievit [of the Strategic Studies Institute]: I read your _Revolution in Military Affairs and Conflict Short of War_ with great interest. ... Your paper contains all of the right elements for a successful (psychotechnologies, profit motives, manipulation of public opinion, deniability, crime as the public's inducement to sacrifice privacy, spiritual insurgency, etc. etc.); ... My proposal is a "homemaker's recipe" for a successful RMA if you will--embodying not only the ingredients which you have furnished in _The Revolution in Military Affairs and Conflict Short of War_, but, also, a few additional which you had not thought to discuss. My "recipe" is as follows:

A Successful RMA


"Satanic Cults UFO
Cults Directed-Energy Technologies
Biotechnologies/Experimental Drugs
Multinational Government Contractors
Investment Portfolios and Other Financial Inducements ... "

And this is where the Disclosure Project's carefully-picked pages pick up:

"Imported East Bloc Mercenaries and Military Equipment
Imported Foreign National Scientists
A Controlled and Compliant Media
Decentralized U.S. Government Control
An Induced Crime Wave

Instructions: 1. Raise one or two generations of children under the auspices of government-approved satanic cults, such as COL (USA ret.) Michael Aquino's Temple of Set..."

In other words, the credibility of both Dr. Greer and his Disclosure Project continues to sink to new depths. Reading Dr. Greer's book "Hidden Truth Forbidden Knowledge", you actually begin to wonder how much inspiration he has taken from this piece of fiction. When Greer stated he had official documents talking about "stagecraft", was he in reality referring to McKinney's fictional scenario?

"2. Create a global UFO cult, which will involve the abduction of citizens so as to foster an illusion that this earth is facing an extraterrestrial invasion. UFO abductees-of-preference will have an expertise in computer technologies, since that expertise will be required in future technocratic RMA scenarios. Use of experimental drugs, holographic projection capabilities, directed-energy technologies, induced auditory input, experimental aircraft, and special effects costuming and stagecraft, among other things, will be used to persuade abductees of the reality of their circumstances."

In the mean time, the Disclosure Project apparently realized the mistake and quietly took down the information from their website.

June 13, 2006 - The last easy-to-confirm Pilgrims Society members?
Plus other updates

First off, got you some new names of past and present members of the Pilgrims Society, the premier Anglo-American hidden institution with its less-than-subtle "here and everywhere" slogan. Coincidentally, it has absorbed the leadership of most of the globalist-oriented institutions, which already tend to be quite low profile themselves.

I haven't worked on the Pilgrims Society in the past months, but it's hard not to come across new information all the time. So here you have Pilgrims Society member Philip Bonn, which I ran across at a personal genealogy website, and past Pilgrims Society members Baron Caradon and Baron Howard of Penrith, who's names I found in the UK National Archives. If you're interested in "who secretly runs the world" and what the Pilgrims Society is all about, I suggest you at least read the shortened bios below. More extensive ones are included in the membership lists.

Just before I wanted to upload all the updates, including those done in the 1001 and the Jason Group membership lists, Charles Savoie, the No. 1 Pilgrims Society researcher, decided to share some new info he had come across. One of those things is this simple (quite amusing) New York Daily News gossip article, which confirms the membership of Richard C. Holbrooke and Peter G. Peterson. As you can see in my intro article, I have long suspected Peterson of being a Pilgrims Society member. Talk about having some good luck.

In response to Savoie, I decided to contact the US Pilgrims Society secretary again, after having been ignored the last time, and kindly asked her if she could confirm the membership of John C.Whitehead and Maurice R. Greenberg, two other persons who's membership in the Pilgrims I would really like to have confirmed. To my surprise, she did, and it turns out that Whitehead is indeed a member of the Pilgrims, and is a vice president and member of the Executive Committee. Surprisingly, Greenberg hasn't been a member since 2002; and the US Pilgrims digital database doesn't go back further at this moment. Undoubtedly, I cannot do this every week, or probably even every month, but I certainly would like to thank the Pilgrims for their "openness." On the other hand, I wonder if I would get responses without pretending to already know about someone's membership.

Check 'em out, they're interesting people:

Philip Bonn
b. 1964
Son of a Extra Equerry to Prince Philip and a Freeman of the City of London. Named after Prince Philip. Descended from King Charles II of the Stuart dynasty (1630-1685), "good king" Henry IV de Bourbon of France (1553-1610), and several elite Garter families as the Dukes of Norfolk. Close to the British royal family and advisor to The Royal House of Al-Saud. Descendant life-member of the Association of the Descendants of the Knights of the Garter. Officer in the British Red Cross. Member of the Vatican Library. Duke of Norfolk Memorial Librarian. Honored by the Habsburg dynasty. Invested as a Cavaliere dell'Ordine dei Santi Maurizio e Lazzaro in the presence of the extremely controversial Duke of Savoy, who has been involved in arms trade with the Shah, a murder case, the P2 lodge, and the Knights of Malta. This very old family, which ruled Italy until the end of WWII, had its attorney on the board of Permindex, which has been linked to the JFK assassination.
Richard Holbrooke
b. 1941
Worked under Henry Cabot Lodge and Averell Harriman in the late sixties and early seventies, which was the time Holbrooke was introduced to the CFR. Managing Editor of the CFR's Foreign Policy magazine. Contributing editor to Newsweek in the 1970s. Regular visitor of the Trilateral Commission since 1975. Wrote part of the Pentagon Papers. Involved with opening up China. Regular visitor of Bilderberg in the 1990s. Director of the CFR in the 1990s. As Assistant Secretary of State he was the most important player in stabilizing the Balkan in the late 1990s. Has worked, and still works, for many goodwill-organizations as the Agency for International Development (AID), the Peace Corps, Refugees International, the International Rescue Committee, the Global Business Coalition on HIV/AIDS, and Human Genome Sciences, Inc. Director of Maurice Greenberg's AIG. US permanent ambassador to the United Nations. Chair Asia Society since 2002, where he followed up Maurice Greenberg.
Peter G. Peterson
b. 1926
Chair of Lehman Brothers for 11 years. Founding chairman of the Institute for International Economics (IIE), which counts among its directors Rockefeller, Volcker, Greenberg, and Shultz. One of four chairman of the CFR since 1946, and follow up of David Rockefeller in 1985. Director of Rockefeller Center Properties. Financial contributor to the Asia Society. Trustee of the Japan Society and the Museum of Modern Art, both historical bastions of Rockefeller influence. Chair NY Fed. Founder of the (in some circles controversial) Blackstone group, which has a strategic alliance with Greenberg's AIG and Kissinger Associates. Blackstone also was the mortgage holder on 7 WTC since 2000. Director of the World Trade Center Memorial Foundation, together with four former U.S. presidents, Greenberg, Henry R. Kravis (Bohemian Grove), David Rockefeller, Jerry I. Speyer (big Rockefeller guy), John C. Whitehead (photographed standing behind Lord Rothschild and Kissinger; Pilgrims executive), Anne M. Tatlock (gone from her WTC on the morning on 9/11, to a meeting with Warren Buffett), Sir John Bond (HSBC; Multinational Chairman's Group), Michael Eisner (Sun Valley Meetings), and Richard D. Parsons (Rockefeller guy; Sun Valley Meetings).
John C. Whitehead
b. 1922
Head of Goldman Sachs until he went to work for the Reagan government, under George Shultz. Attended meetings of the CFR, Trilateral Commission, Bilderberg, and today is a vice president and executive of the Pilgrims Society. Represented the combined Rockefeller, Mellon, Harriman, and Warburg interests as chairman of AEA Investors from 1989 to 1998. Former chairman of the Securities Industry Association, the NY Fed, the Brookings Institution, the United Nations Association of the United States, the Andrew Mellon Foundation, the Goldman Sachs Foundation, the Asia Society, the National Gallery of Art, the International Rescue Committee, and the Greater New York Councils of the Boy Scouts. Chair of the Lower Manhattan Development Corporation until May 2006, which was established to rebuild Lower Manhattan after the 9/11 attacks. Put together the board of the World Trade Center Memorial Foundation, which includes some of the top bankers in the US and UK, including David Rockefeller, Maurice Greenberg, Richard Holbrooke, and Sir John Bond.
Hugh Mackintosh Foot
Baron Caradon. First an officer in the British Commonwealth. Then went to work at the United Nations. Gave a speech to the Pilgrims in 1965.
Esme William Howard
1st Baron Howard of Penrith. Cousin of the Dukes of Norfolk, who have been British liaisons to the Vatican for centuries. Officer in the British Empire, mainly sent to locations in Europe as Stockholm, Berlin, Bern, and Rome. Attached to the British delegation during the 1919 Paris Peace Conference.

Other updates

  • A more complete genealogy of the Rockefeller family has been uploaded. It was created several months ago, but I forgot to upload it. You find it at Appendix C of the introduction or by clicking here. It goes from William A. Rockefeller, and his son John D. Sr., to today's members of the Rockefeller family, some still prominently present in the United Nations-Environment globalist group.
  • Extracted relevant information out of David Rockefeller's biography 'Memoirs', which usually has to do with his personal relationships with other members of the establishment. Only one portion is left out for now, which will be reserved for the new version of the article on Le Cercle. Many, but certainly not all of the names you see below have been mentioned in the Rockefeller biography. Read the individual bios in the membership lists to find out what exactly.

Other updates in the Pilgrims Society membership list

  • Joseph H. Choate, the Rockefeller attorney who was involved in creating the National Security League, the WWI predecessor of the National Security State. Choate also was one of J.P. Morgan's personal friends, judging from his membership in the Corsair Club.
  • David Rockefeller's good relationship with Sir Evelyn de Rothschild and Baron Leon Lambert. A very detailed history of the Lamberts, and the Belgian elite in general, is finished, but hasn't been made available on this site yet. Still working on the excuse to put it up.
  • David Rockefeller's relationship with Pilgrims Society members John J. McCloy, the Dulles brothers, and H.J. Heinz II.
  • General updates on the biographies of Lord Carrington and Henry Kissinger.

Updates in the Bohemian Grove membership list

  • The economist Louis O. Kelso has been added as a member. He was at Bohemian Grove with David Rockefeller, probably at Stowaway.
  • The biography of Henry Sturgis Morgan, a son of J.P. Morgan, Jr., has been expanded greatly. He went to Stowaway.

Updates in the 1001 Club membership list

  • Baron Heinrich von Thyssen-Bornemisza. The Thyssen's history is now summarized. Their relationship with the Orange family and David Rockefeller has been included.
  • Thurn und Taxis. The Thurn und Taxis history is now summarized.
  • Stavros Niarchos and his relationship to the Thyssens, H.J. Heinz, and David Rockefeller.
  • Some additional details on Agnelli's relationship with David Rockefeller.
  • Henry Ford II. Just the fact that he was a member of the International Advisory Council of Chase Manhattan, according to David Rockefeller. Same goes for Sir Y.K. Pao. Some additional details about his life come from Rockefeller's 'Memoirs'.

Updates in the Jason Group membership list

  • Updated the biography of CFR scientist Murray Gell-Man. Thought it was interesting that he is a trustee of the World Conservation Society, together with the Astors, Rockefellers, Phipps, Schiffs, and other elite families. Also, in February 2006, Gell-Mann attended The Amazing Meeting in Las Vegas, a benefit for the James Randi Educational Foundation. Phil Plait, the "bad astronomer" and nemesis of Richard Hoagland, also spoke at the conference.

That's about it for the Jasons. More on them in the future, although in a much broader context.

Updates on Le Cercle

Nothing for now. A completely revamped article has been in the making for a few months now; with some corrections, but overall with lots of new information. A whole lot of focus will be given on sources, as things will get quite controversial, especially in a planned related article. It's time to map the European oligarchy, so stay tuned.

Removed the Dragon article

The brief article on Dragon genes started as one of the quick endnotes of Le Cercle. Unfortunately, although I'm not the least surprised, "Prince" Michael Stewart seems to have lied about his past. Whatever this means about the validity of De Vere and Laurance Gardner, I don't know, but I do know that the Garter, Masonic, and Templar influences in the Pilgrims Society already are undeniable, just as some of the (past) occult connections of some of the dynastic British families. But just that you know, I deleted the Dragon article. Didn't want to go too much in this aspect anyway, at least not without much more evidence.

An email I got last month:

"I have been looking into Michael of Albany's background for a few months now.  I'd noticed your input regarding SMOM they are not entwined with Michael of Albany or the Dragon Order or anything Michael is tied up with, I think you have them confused with the Sovereign Order of St John of Jerusalem, Knights of Malta, Federation of Autonomous Priories who are known for issuing fraudulent passports (Michael of Albany's for one).  The images you have presented are also of this self styled order that Michael belongs to not SMOM

There is also overwhelming evidence that Michael is a fraud and wikipedia pulls things nicely together the most recent article to expose him

I also read with interest your input regarding the European Council of Princes, I have yet to see any evidence that this organisation actually exists, moreso the links with CIA! I would be interested to know where you got your information from here. Also your link to the Council of Princes doesn't go anywhere.

PS understandable the confusion regards the Knights of Malta even his supporters don't know the difference."

Second email of this person:

"A link to Michael's website isn't a reliable one!!  There is no evidence that the European Council of Princes exists.  Michael previously made out that Otto von Habsburg was head of the European Council of Princes.  Gordon MacGregor Comrie who is behind his recent exposure contacted Otto who denied all knowledge of this Council.

Michael's Order of St John's is a self styled one Guy Stair Sainty has written some excellent stuff on them. (both part 1 and 2 are worth reading)  Michael's diplomatic passport was issued through the self styled order who are now being investigated by SMOM

I don't know if you've ever come across IBSSA (International Bodyguard and Security Services Association) most of the Board of Directors and executive committee are members of Michael's self styled order, more noticeable on their Romanian site letters after their name GCKM or KM indicates they are members of the self styled order!!  They also have investitures under the umbrella IBSSA - not sure who is recruiting who!  I led to believe these guys are also being investigated.  The first link is worth a browse if you have time."

Read the links and make up your own mind. I'm not picking sides with all these self-absorbed cult figures. One thing is for sure, they're all promoting garbage, and once every thousand years or so, one gets influential enough to start a new widespread religion.

April 12, 2006

  • Lots of biographical updates in the Pilgrims Society membership list. Two important names that are added, earlier mentioned by Charles Savoie, are Sir Cyril Hugh Kleinwort (has a nephew in the 1001 Club) and Sir Peter Sutherland. Sutherland is huge and already in my introduction article I described him as "almost certainly a Pilgrim." So predictable...
  • While doing the updates I noticed that the Chief Justices of the US Supreme Court that have certainly been recruited in the Pilgrims Society cover the period from 1921 to 1941 and from 1969 to 2005, which is enough to add this position to the gif oversight. And because Chief Justices also are automatically elected chancellors of the Smithsonian Board of Regents, that institute has been added to the gif also. A few other Pilgrims have been trustees/regents/secretaries of the Smithsonian, but many more undoubtedly still have to be found within the Pilgrims ranks.

A few other names were only mentioned in his book 'Het Oranjekapitaal'.

  • Just went through two books of Dutch investigative author Philip Dröge, a person who also has written for large Dutch newspapers. The books are mentioned in the 1001 Club article and the new names added to the 1001 Club list are: The 2nd Lord Beaverbrook (son of the pro-Nazi UK government official; nephew was a recent head of Le Cercle; very detailed bio available), Walter Annenberg (Pilgrims Society; from highest level mafia boss to US ambassador to the UK; very detailed bio available), Emilio Azcárraga Milmo Jr. (Mexican media mogul), Ali Ahmed (Pakistani project developer; swindler), Shah of Iran (member Safari Club), Ferdinand Grapperhaus (Dutch tax expert/former politician; once involved with Ali), and Herbert Batliner (works in Vatican City; laundered money for Marcos, Mobutu (1001), Escobar, and Helmut Kohl; worked with criminal Walther Kiep, the Thyssen guy mentioned in the intro article). The bio of Bernhard has been expanded greatly and basically gives his entire history. The bios of the following 1001 Club members have been improved slightly: Tibor Rosenbaum (Mossad-Rothschild agent whom's BCI co-funded Permindex) and Louis Mortimer Bloomfield (SOE-OSS-CIA-Mossad-FBI agent who largely coordinated Permindex).

    Maybe you noticed it again in this update: you keep bumping into the same groups and the same people.


March 5-7, 2006

  • Several biographies in the Pilgrims Society membership list have been expanded. Among them are the very important Clarence Dillon and his son C. Douglas Dillon. Clarence Dillon, the founder of Dillon Read & Co., was the one who set up the German Steel Trust with the Thyssens in the same year his friends, the Harrimans (Pilgrims Society) and Bushes (Pilgrims Society; Bohemian Grove camp Mandalay and Hillbillies), set up the Union Banking Corporation with the same German family. Thyssen and Hjalmar Schacht, of course, were the one's who brought Hitler's party to power. Dillon's partners in this venture were James Forrestal, brigadier-general William Draper Jr. (his son was a member of the Bohemian Grove Hillbillies camp), and Nicholas Brady (SMOM; Bohemian Grove camp Mandalay).
    Dillon's son held many very important position in the Rockefeller and overall Anglo-American empire. He married to European royalty.
    Thyssen-Bornemisza, by the way, was still represented in the 1001 Club in the 1980s and has intermarried with the Habsburg family. The Thyssen arms empire has been implicated in numerous illegal arms deals over the past few decades. Look for the biography of Franz Joseph Strauss in the 1001 Club and search for 'thyssen' in the introduction article to get some details.
  • As you might have already noticed, I did some updating in the Bohemian Grove Symbolism article, adding, for instance, information about J.P. Morgan's high interest in both astrology and crystals. Information on magic and illusions has also been updated a bit.
  • Wrote a quick article on Daniel Hopsicker's revelations regarding 9/11, which can be found here. Since I only left my article on-line that debunks the no-757-theory, I thought I should also give my opinion on at least one of the more constructive areas of 9/11 research. Update: On that same no-757 page you can now also find a short article about John Maynard, a former DIA and Military Intelligence official, who briefly explains how disinformation works. There isn't that many inside information available on this subject as far as I know, so I recommend you take a look at it.


Decimation of Romanian Wildlife aided by 1001 Club environmentalist
Most vocal critic dies after months of threats spelling doom for Romania's brown bear
February 28, 2006

In the 1001 Club article it was briefly mentioned that King Juan Carlos was accused of participating in rather extreme hunting trips down in Romania. Hundreds of boars were (and are) killed in one session, together with at least a few dozen bears. Young and pregnant animals were also shot by Carlos and his entourage. The group included local politicians and CEOs of international corporations. [link] [link]

But what's really ironic is that Juan Carlos is not only the founder and honorary president of WWF Spain (the same WWF that has been criticizing the hunts), he's also a patron of the International Council for Game and Wildlife Conservation (CIC) and a honorary member of the Club of Rome, the latter being especially worried about society's strain on the earth's natural resources.

To make matters even worse, while Carlos was shooting all that wildlife, the WWF was busy with a project to integrate human and animal populations in the area. But, of course, Carlos is not just a regular member of the WWF; he's part of the inner circle, the 1001 Club, apparently supervised by British Intelligence and the Privy Council crowd. Carlos is also a member of the Knights of Malta and doesn't mind appointing Opus Dei members (Adolfo Suarez) to the most important positions in his country.

A person named Ion Tiriac is arranging these hunting massacres in the Carpathian mountains for western elites. According to László Szeley-Szabó, founder and chair of the environmental AVES Trust, bear populations dropped forty to sixty percent in just four years and it is entirely possible that they become largely extinct in the next 5 years. According to László, the Romanian government has artificially inflated the number of bears still alive, and also spread exaggerated stories about bears being a threat to the local communities. On June 4, 2004, the Sunday Herald quoted László as saying:

"Our telephones are being tapped, our mail is steamed opened, our website has been broken into, anonymous callers regularly threaten our activists' lives and I am being frequently summoned to the police 'for questioning.'"

This happened after László "... submitted a report to Nastase [Romania’s Socialist prime minister] challenging the official bear population figure of 6300, proving with well-supported evidence that the total was now down to a mere 2500." [link]

I recently got an email from someone who lived in Romania who tells us what happened next and provides some more detail. He also gives us a few details about the elite of this ex-communist country, which is always appreciated by this site. Here are a few extracts from the email:

The person who draw attention on the Spain's King hunting massacre in Romania is now dead ("of natural ilness"?). but his family is prosecuted - mainly by Ion Tiriac, a top Ro bilionaire for libel.

JR: You are talking about AVES Foundation founder Szeley-Szabo Laszlo [link]? Is this the person that embarrassed Juan Carlos and his gang? If you have any details surrounding his death (controversies) and such, I'd love it if you let me know.

This is the guy; pissed a lot of top politicians and business peoples with his exposure of bears hunting. Then it appeared in a TV show and commented along the hunting parties Tiriac organizes at its Balc domain (Romania; got it for a ridiculous low amount): 185 boars at one of these (lately there has been another one, 200+ boars killed). Tiriac promptly sued (he is quick at). Laszlo was making a life from organizing trips in the Danube Delta (amongst others) and came back in august 2004 from one trip only to go to hospital and die 6 weeks later - he was only 55 years old! But the process continues against wife and children - quirk of the Ro laws ( No speculations in the press about the nature of its death, just babble in the environment milieus.

JR: Any idea how Ion Tiriac gets along with people like Juan Carlos, the Habsburgs, Rothschilds, Rockefellers?

Tiriac is the typical middleman - arranging for local politicians to do business with top westerners. In exchange, he is getting a lot of advantages (ex: get land at ridiculous low prices) and protection (against hunting massacres - if law would have been applied, hunters should be in jail now; his son was caught in a cocaine scandal - 9 kg for sale to VIPs - and cleared; various materials disappeared from that file, witnesses changed deposition, etc). He is a facade for unknown interests (ex: the Tiriac Bank that was sold awhile ago); still has Tiriac Air - for business trips only. The man is not into politics in any way, but into money, does not care about law in Ro - but is not into prostitution and drugs (that was a mistake made by the son). There are rumors of being helped by commie secret services when refugiated in West at the time, and that it kept ties. Tiriac is also one of the business developers in the Delta.

I would not see any Ro politician associated directly with a Habsburg, that would destroy him; but any politician of Hungarian origin, yes, and any business person - no matter ethnicity - also could be in touch anytime. But there were no speculations about Tiriac. Generally, Ro politicians and business peoples would do anything that would propulsate them into Western networks (masonry and hunting being most visible) - virtually every politician of national level is a freemason.

I would think Ro politicians are too small game to deal directly with Rockefellers; but their men are in the game - "Romania Mare" (nationalist party, ties with Le Pen) mills such rumors about CFR peoples attending government meetings

He also mentioned that the Ion Cioaba, the former self-proclaimed king of the Gypsies, was a member of the Knights of Malta. Not a surprise, because probably all the major catholic noble and royal houses in Europe are. Among them are Prince Hans Adam II of Liechtenstein, Otto von Habsburg (Bavaria; family intermarried with Thyssen-Bornemisza), King Juan Carlos, and at least several members of royal house of Belgium. It's interesting to note that many Knights of Malta can be found in the top tiers of the international intelligence world.

It has also been mentioned that Cioaba was briefly part of an Ancient and Accepted Scottish Rite lodge. If anyone can read Romanian and has more details, let me know.

... I am looking also for Romanian members of SMOM; but I know of only one (Ion Cioaba, auto-proclaimed "King" of the Gypsies)

... I was in Romania when the TV ran that news, saw it with my own eyes: it showed a very fat man being decorated with some sort of belt that was barely fitting him. Everybody knows it over there. I would guess our guy was really proud of and did not care of typical discretion - I checked today for references and found that this particular footage was also run by EuroNews on Oct 26, 1994; hopefully that footage is still around; but the reference is apparently taken from a book written by Grigorian Bivolaru (the MISA guru now refugee in Sweden): . The text is buried in the usual anti-masonic blurb and it is in Romanian. Another reference, left on a masonic forum, states that Cioaba was for a short time a member of some Ancient and Accepted Scottish Rite lodge, but after a short time was "burned between columns":


Another Templar bloodline in Pilgrims Society.
February 20, 2006

"Read no history: nothing but biography, for that is life without theory."
- Benjamin Disraeli, close friend of both patrons of the Round Table, the Cecil and Rothschild families.

1903 Pilgrims list. The '+' means this person is part of the executive committee.
  In the last update I wrote that the Sinclair family, of Knights Templar fame, has been represented in the Pilgrims Society at least twice, and in one case on the executive committee. The Sinclairs were the closest associates of Robert the Bruce (allowed the Templars in Scotland) and later built Rosslyn Chapel. The English branch went on the first crusade with Godfrey de Bouillon, who was the Duke of Lower-Lorraine, the later King of Jerusalem, and the first Knights
Templar grandmaster. The French branch of the Sinclairs has been part of the Knights Templar group and all this seems to explain why the Templars fled to their cousins in Scotland.

Don't forget that the Dragon Court acknowledges this historical fact, including the fact that Freemasonry descended from the Templars. In fact, Templarism is Rosicrucianism, and the Scottish Rite of Freemasonry, which was ment for the layperson, descended from these practices. The Francis Bacon group, including the ultra-influential Cecils (today also members of the Pilgrims Society and Le Cercle), slowly introduced the Scottish Rite to British Society in the 16th and 17th century. Enochian magic is part of this system, which has been described in more detail here.

Because of these facts, it's very plausible that there are more than 33 degrees within the Scottish Rite, as a lot of researchers have claimed over the centuries. In fact, if you happen to have the desired mindset, you'd probably end up in specific Rosicrucian and Templar circles, so the statement that there are only 33 degrees within the Scottish Rite is probably not a lie.

When I wrote the last update on the Sinclair family, I hadn't yet realized that the Bruce family, who are also members of the Pilgrims Society, are direct descendants of Robert the Bruce, as is mentioned on the official website of the Bruce family. David Kirkpatrick Este Bruce was a vice president of the Pilgrims Society in the 1970s, next to John Hay Whitney, and was identified by Charles Savoie. His brother, James Cabell Bruce, was another influential member of the Pilgrims Society.   fdfd
David K.E. Bruce

Both Bruce's have extensive biographies that can be read in the Pilgrims Society membership list. Amongst many other things, David Bruce was head of the OSS in the whole of Europe during WWII and a husband of Paul Mellon’s sister. Paul Mellon was another Pilgrims Society member, not to mention the 1001 Club and Scroll & Key. Paul was an OSS station chief in London during WWII, working under David Bruce (like Pilgrims Society member Allen Dulles in Switzerland), and a later close associate of the CIA. The queen regularly visited his mansion since the 1950s.

James Bruce was president of Chase National Bank during the time it was taken over by the Rockefeller family. In 1933, in the midst of the great depression, he and Albert Wiggin (Pilgrims) were sued for trying to ruin a company that didn't want to sell out to the British Rio Tinto, a company that has always been associated with the Rothschilds. Rio Tinto was founded by the Keswick family, who are close associates of the Rothschilds. Two generations have appeared in the Pilgrims Society and the 1001 Club. Their biographies have been expanded greatly in this last update.


1996, David Rockefeller and Karim Aga Khan. Others at Khan's meeting were the Lazards and Buckley's. Lord Rothschild had to excuse himself. See introduction page.
  Several names have been added to the Pilgrims Society list. One of the more important is/was the 2nd Lord Lamington, who lived from 1860 to 1940. He was a friend of Pilgrims Society member Lord Curzon and worked under the 3rd Marquess of Salisbury (the Cecil of the Round Table). He became governor of Bombay in 1903, followed by an election as the Grand Master of all Scottish Freemasonry in India on July 24, 1904. In 1911, he founded the Persia Society and headed it for many

years. In 1935, he was a main founder of its successor, the Iran Society. One of the first speakers at this society was the Aga Khan of that day, a Freemason, Privy Councilor, and a very close associate of the British ruling families. The Aga Khans are descendent from the prophet Muhammed, the Assassin families (who worked with the earlier-mentioned Knights Templar), and some ancient Zoroastrian Persian families. The history of the Khans is described in the 1001 Club membership list, as Prince Sadruddin Aga Khan used to be a member.

Just another couple of hints that bloodlines seem to matter. Take a look at the last update and see how Merovingian societies, Templar societies, and the Scottish Rite are all represented in the Pilgrims.


The Pilgrims Society: Skull & Bones and Templar bloodlines
February 15, 2006

  • It's finally time to add Skull & Bones to the list of organizations the Pilgrims Society recruits the founders and-or leaders of. Why? As you might have seen on the introduction page, I added Daniel Coit Gilman to the Pilgrims Society, which makes all 4 founders of the different Carnegie institutes members of this very high level Anglo-American discussion and dining group. His name appeared on a 1903 Pilgrims list. I had been looking for the membership of this person in the past, because Gilman, together with William Huntington Russell, incorporated Skull & Bones into the Russell Trust some 50 years earlier.

    William Howard Taft, a founder of Skull & Bones together with the earlier-mentioned Russell, had already been identified as a member of the Pilgrims, just as his son son Henry (S&B 1880). Francis F. Randolph, a former treasurer of the Russell Trust Association, has been named as a member of the Pilgrims Society by researcher Charles Savoie. At the moment, more than a dozen Pilgrims Society members have been identified as former members of Skull & Bones. Many other Pilgrims had close relatives in this fraternity.

    Of the 1903 list I only looked up about a dozen random names. Coincidentally, besides Gilman, two of them turned out to be former members of Skull & Bones. The first one is William Phelps Eno (S&B 1882). The other is Samuel Reading Bertron (S&B 1885). Because of all these names, with many others still left to be found, I think it's reasonable to add Skull & Bones to the following list:

- X -

  • In the above list, and which you can check in the membership list, you can see how the Merovingian and rosicrucian-masonic Templar bloodlines play an important role within the Pilgrims Society. As I have been detailing in the Dragon and Bohemian Grove Symbolism articles, there's no doubt that:

    A) Many, if not all initiated bloodline families believe the Knights Templar fled to Scotland, built Rosslyn Chapel, and served as the inspiration for freemasonry. These were the same people who were also involved with the old Druidic system, Enochian Magic, rosicrucianism, the Order of the Garter, and the Dragon Court.
    B) Bloodlines play a very important role in many royal and noble families.
    C) Many of these bloodline families have dabbled into the occult, mainly seeking contact with 'the other side.'

    Why am I bringing this up again? Well, because two members of the dynastic Sinclair family appeared on the 1903 Pilgrims Society list: John J. Sinclair from New York, seemingly a banker (needs more research); and William MacDonald [spelled wrong as 'McDonald' in the Pilgrims list] Sinclair, who was Archdeacon of London since 1889 and a member of the Pilgrims' executive committee. Below you can see the partial bloodline of William M. Sinclair, who likely was not part anymore of the purer 'initiated' family lines Nicholas de Vere, former head of the British Dragon Court, has been talking about. Still, the Sinclair/St. Clair/ Saint Clair (take your pick) family is very interesting in and of itself, so this is a good excuse to briefly discuss it:

The father of George Sinclair isn't readily available, but what is known is that he was raised in the Caithness family home.

[deleted this part]


January 18, 2006

  • A completely new and extremely extensive introduction has been written, which details almost the entire globalist movement. From 19th century Britain, to the US, Israel, the European Union, Russia, China, and finally to the United Nations and the sustainable development movement. Most will be traced to the Rockefeller and Rothschild families who are surrounded by a small army of their proteges. In other cases the Pilgrims Society will do. Due to its excessive details it's probably hard to completely absorb in one quick read, but in the end it will leave little, if any doubt that there is a conspiracy to bring about a certain version of global government. Whether you think this is a good thing or not is completely besides the point at this moment. The latter part of the article will get pretty grim though. Don't forget to take a look at the appendixes or some of the quotes in the column on the left; It list two interesting quotes from Dutch politicians which haven't been made available before. Below is also a greatly updated version of my .gif that shows the overall conspiracy. There's no discussion possible that all these institutes, and undoubtedly a whole lot more, are absorbed in the above three societies almost no one has heard of. And that's an enigma all by itself.

Other updates

  • I inserted a short timeline in Appendix A for the Synarchist Movement of Empire. This timeline is based on the work of Roger Mennevée, which was recently brought to light by Pierre Beaudry and EIR in general. In this case we are not talking about the philosophical movement, but an apparently real and tangible society, which was created in 1922 and was traced in France to the post-WWII Vichy government remnants. Some alleged synarchists, like Jean Violet, Georges Albertini and Otto von Habsburg, ended up in the Pinay Circle/Le Cercle, today headed by a Privy Councilor and a Rothschild employee. The SME books of Pierre Beaudry, together with my short timeline, can be found here. My timeline only deals with one chapter of Book IV, by the way. There's is much more to this movement and-or group.
  • Earlier I took out Nazi general Reinhard Gehlen as a confirmed member of Le Cercle/Pinay Circle, because I couldn't find where I based that upon. Now I see Gehlen was indeed involved with this group to such a degree that he has to have played a significant role in it (although, technically, his position as chief of the German intelligence agencies was already a confirmation in itself). According to a confidential memo of Hans Langemann to Dr. Waltner, as written in Der Spiegel No 37, 1982, 'Victory for Strauss' and translated by Lobster, November 1988 – Issue 17, 'Brian Crozier, the Pinay Circle and James Goldsmith': "Gehlen, who was always interested in the undertaking [of the Pinay Circle], its figures, its personalities and its results, succeeded in recruiting Violet [co-founder of the Pinay Circle] as a special agent and granted him 6000 DM a month for many years. He also claimed that this sum had been agreed with the former head of the SDECE, General Jacquier because Violet is also receiving the same sum from the SDECE." Good enough for me, at least for now.
  • Last month I uploaded an article about the occult connections of the Bohemian Grove, which can be read here. In it I regularly quote Nicholas de Vere, former head of the British Dragon Court, who claims he and his buddies are descendants of the Archdruid-Elven-Fairy-Dragon race (supposedly, they have a few additional genes). A separate article about de Vere is located here. In the Bohemian Grove article I mention how a very decent case has been made that one of Nicholas de Vere's ancestors, the 17th Earl of Oxford, has written, or at least heavily influenced the work of Shakespeare. Then I conclude that because of Joseph Redding's connections to the Pilgrims Society families he also might have gotten his inspiration for his version of the Cremation of Care from these same Dragon families (which tie into the Pilgrims). I never updated Joseph Redding's original bio so I missed at least two very important things that I found out by looking at a discussion forum which linked to my site. So, thx 'Menace.'

    The first interesting coincidence is that Joseph D. Redding wrote a play called Fay-Yen-Fah, in which I immediately recognized the word 'Fay.' In Dutch 'fee' means 'fairy' and too my surprise it turned out that 'fay' in (old?) English also means 'fairy.' This, of course, perfectly coincides with de Vere's continues talk about his fairy race or Disraeli calling Queen Victory 'faery queen', or Edmund Spenser calling Queen Elizabeth I 'faery queen'. All these people were associated with the Cecils and-or the occult. Fay-Yen-Fah is a story about Chinese mythology, by the way.

    Redding was also the author of a 1912 Bohemian Grove play, The Atonement of Pan, which was composed by Henry Hadley. Pan, half-goat half man, happens to be a close follower of Dionysus and together with the rather psychotic Maenads, he usually participated in the sexual and ecstatic (mythological) celebrations. The (real) rites of the Maenads and Dionysus are described in detail in the Bohemian Grove Symbolism article. They weren't pretty. And as expected, Nicholas de Vere also mentioned Pan in The Origin of The Dragon Lords of the Rings. In fact, he starts out with this deity:

    "Hermes is the father of Pan and Zeus is the father of Dionysus. Pan and Dionysus are always featured in the same retinue and as Bacchus, Pan's rites duplicate those of his twin Dionysus... The Dionysic Rites were cannibalistic and vampiric and echo the era of the cannibalism and vampirism of the (Titanic) era of the sons of the Nephilim."

    "The wings of Baphomet are swan's wings and this immediately speaks of the swan princes, grail princesses and fairy queens which symbolise the dragon blood. Baphomet is a Nephilim. Its legs are the legs of Pan..."

    Baphomet was the chief deity of the Knights Templar, who, according to the Dragon Court, fled to Britain and finally established Freemasonry. In between those two mystery religions you had Rosicrucianism, which the circle around Queen Elizabeth I was involved with (Cecil; de Vere; Bacon; Dee). John Dee also created Enochian Magic. At least some of these beliefs seem to have survived the modern age when you look at members of the Pilgrims Society who are leading figures in organizations like the Order of the Merovingian Dynasty, Order of the Crown of Charlemagne, the Ancient and Accepted Scottish Rite, the United Grand Lodge, and the Military Order of the Crusades. There are many I haven't included in the above .gif yet.

    There's undoubtedly a mythological mystical aspect to the Bohemian Grove and its plays. If this is unique to the Grove, I don't know. I do know that in the 30 minutes I spent doing this little update I came across plays entitled 'the Magician,' (Hubert Stowitts was involved with that, who earlier provided paintings for Joseph Redding's Fay-Yen-Fah) 'Doktor Faust,' (the 16th century magician who, like Solomon, described how to summon up many different demons and elementals), and 'Dance of the Harpies' (written by Henry Hadley who composed the Atonement of Pan together with Redding). Hadley also wrote a play called Semper Virens, after which a Bohemian camp was named.

    Maybe the explanation is that many of the early 20th century composers were involved with Theosophy. On the other, at least in case of the Bohemian Grove, the question is why anyone whould be interested in reviving/mimicking the gruesome rites associated with these gods.
  • Finally, I would like to warn people about a new DVD entitled Sacred Space from "the Enigma Channel", seemingly set up by two 15-year olds in their mother's basement. Because David Icke features in it, talking about Paperclip and the Bushes, a lot of people are probably going to watch it. The problem is that Project Paperclip, the stuff about the Bush family, and (as far as I know) even the UV UFOs are all confirmed, but because of their additional moon hoax, Illuminati, and Satanic themes it all gets spinned into a useless pile of garbage that no honest skeptic is going to take serious. What I especially want people to beware of is a [selective] 3 second quote from astronaut Scott Carpenter, which, in the movie, goes like:

    "... There were so many unknowns in the early days. And this is the fact of the matter. We were really not sure after John [Glenn] flew whether or not there were critters, living critters, up there some place."

    Obviously, the producers imply that Carpenter is talking about the UV-UFOs taped by NASA. Unfortunately, this turns out not to be the case and the producers have conveniently cut out the first second of Carpenter's sentence. After doing a quick Google search it turned out that the full version reads:

    "It's hard to realize this now, there were so many unknowns in the early
    days, and this is a fact of the matter, we were really not sure, after John
    flew, whether or not there were critters, living critters up there somewhere."

    Immediately you realize by looking at the first part of this sentence that it refers to something that is NOW solved. And I don't know if it's the same interview, but NASA has a January 29, 1999 interview with Carpenter which has a very similar wording. Unfortunately, I can't quote the text for some reason, but here you have the url:

    www.jsc. nasa .gov/history/oral_histories/ CarpenterMS/MSC_1-27-99.pdf

    In this interview Carpenter talks about the anomalous critters he continually saw flying past the shuttle window. At some point he noticed that whenever John Glenn slammed a certain hatch these "living critters" appeared. They were ice crystals.

    Of course, the explanation of ice crystals has also been giving to objects that turn 120 degrees in one second before heading out to space with 200,000 mph, but in this instance it's actually the truth. Could the producers have been this stupid? Or did they do it on purpose? If they wanted an astronaut to talk about UFOs and its subsequent cover up they could easily have taken Gordon Cooper or Edgar Mitchell (look at the UFO page). For some reason they went through a lot of effort to get this three second bogus video. In any case, Icke has another dent in credibility, which wasn't too robust already. That's unfortunate, because his books are filled with many little known facts that all deserve their own book. His books might not be perfect, but Icke certainly doesn't deserve ridicule.

    And to give you one of the best examples of a truly amazing and undeniable UFO case, in contrast to what Sacred Space presents, take a look at the following picture and then look up the original reports at the UFO page on this website:

PEHI - Front page - PEHI - Front Page - PEHI - Front page - PEHI - Front Page - PEHI