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The UFO Issue

UFO reports by mainstream media and official investigators
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Following is a list of many dozens of chronologically organized news reports (154 at the moment) covering a period from 1942 until today. Over 97 percent of these articles can be considered mainstream. Official documents and well-respected individuals are cited in most of them. More articles will be added in the future.

[click] February 25, 1942, Glendale News Press, 'Anti-Aircraft Guns Blast at L.A. Mystery Invader'
[click] February 26, 1942, Los Angeles Times, 'Army Says Alarm Real'
[click] February 26, 1942, The New York Times, 'Los Angeles Guns Bark at Air 'Enemy'' (includes a high quality photo, which was included in the original article)
[click] February 26, 1942, The Scotsman, 'False Alarm in Los Angeles'
[click] February 27, 1942, The Scotsman, 'Los Angeles Incident'
[click] More recent testimonies about the Battle of Los Angeles
[click] August 26, 1946, Time Magazine, 'Celestial Phenomena'
[click] July 7, 1947, The Scotsman, 'Flying Saucers baffle U.S.'
[click] July 8, 1947 (noon), Roswell Army Air Field press release, says U.S. Army retrieved a crashed saucer.
[click] July 8, 1947 (2:26 p.m.), Sacramento Bee, 'Army Reveals It Has Flying Disc Found On Ranch In New Mexico'
[click] July 8, 1947, United Press, Oroville (CA) Mercury-Register, 'Army Given Flying Disc, Is Report'
[click] July 8, 1947, The Times (London), 'U.S. Army to Examine a Flying Disc'.
[click] July 8, 1947, Roswell Daily Record (evening newspaper), 'RAAF captures Flying Saucer on Ranch in Roswell Region'
[click] July 9, 1947, Nevada State Journal (Reno), 'Army has 'Flying Saucer'; But what is it?'.
[click] July 9, 1947, The Wyoming Eagle (Cheyenne), 'Only Meager Details of Flying Disc Given'.
[click] July 9, 1947, Roswell Daily Record, 'Harassed Rancher Who Located 'Saucer' Sorry He Told About It'
[click] July 9, 1947, United Press, 'Flying Disc Tales Decline as Army, Navy Crack Down'
[click] July 9, 1947, Ceylon Observer, 'Flying Saucers' over S. Africa, Canada, and Australia?'
[click] July 9, 1947, New York Times, ''Disk' Near Bomb Test Site Is Just a Weather Balloon'
[click] July 14, 1947, Time Magazine, 'The Somethings'
[click] August 3, 1947, Los Angeles Times, 'Two Killed In Crash On 'Saucer' Mission'
[click] October 27, 1947, The Scotsman, 'Mr. McNeil's Home Truths for Mr. Vyshinsky'
[click] January 9, 1948, Los Angeles Times, 'Fighter Killed in Futile Chase of 'Flying Saucer''
[click] October 3, 1948, Los Angeles Times, 'Fighter Pilot Dogfights With Flying Disk'
[click] May 9, 1949, Time Magazine, 'Things That Go Whiz'
[click] August 30, 1949, Los Angeles Times, 'U.S. Officers Report Seeing Flying Disk'
[click] March 18, 1950, Los Angeles Times, 'Scores report seeing saucers flight in formation over New Mexico'
[click] April 28, 1950, Associated Press, 'Plane passengers, Pilots See Huge Flying Saucer'
[click] August 2, 1950, Associated Press, ''Flying Saucers' pop up in Korea and over Tokyo'
[click] September 10, 1950, Washington Post, 'With a Very Straight Face, 'Inside Stuff' on Flying Saucers' (discusses a book for sale at the time that, fiction or not, talks about a 1949 crash retrieval)
[click] February 20, 1952, The New York Times, ''Disks' seen in Korea'
[click] April 7, 1952, Life Magazine, 'Have we visitors from Space?'
[click] July 7, 1952, Washington Post, '4 Fliers Report 'Saucer' Hovering Over Atom Plant'
[click] July 16, 1952, Washington Post, '2 Pilots Report 8 'Saucers' In Formation Over Norfolk'
[click] July 18, 1952, New York Times, '60 'Saucer' Reports Fly At Air Force in 2 Weeks'
[click] July 18, 1952, Washington Post, 'Veteran Pilot Reports Seeing Flying Saucers'
[click] July 1950, Harry Truman at press conference admits administration and military interest in UFOs.
[click] July 1952, Picture taken during the UFO wave in the Washington area
[click] July 22, 1952, Washington Post, '8 on Screen; Planes Sight Odd 'Lights''
[click] July 22, 1952, New York Times, 'Strange Objects in U.S. Sky'
[click] July 23, 1952, Washington Post, 'Saucer Reports Cut Skepticism In Control Tower'
[click] July 25, 1952, Washington Post, 'Radar and the Saucers'
[click] July 26, 1952, Washington Post, 'Jets 'Circle' Mysterious Flying Discs'
[click] July 28, 1952, Washington Post, 'Saucer Outran Jet, Pilot Reveals'
[click] July 28, 1952, The Bridgeport Post, 'Jet Interceptors Fail to Contact Ghostly 'Saucers' Over Capital'
[click] July 28, 1952, Alexandria Gazette, 'Jet Fighters Outdistanced By "Flying Saucers" Over Mt. Vernon And Potomac'
[click] July 28, 1952, Grand Haven Tribune, 'See Odd Objects In Michigan Skies'
[click] July 28, 1952, The Observer-Dispatch, 'Whatever they Are, 'Sky ghosts', but They ARE There (radar says)'
[click] July 28, 1952, Wilkes-Barre Record, 'Air Force Jet Fighters Fail to Catch Objects Flying over Washington'
[click] July 28, 1952, Ypsillanty Press, ''Things' in Sky Here Sunday Appear Like Flying Saucers'
[click] July 29, 1952, Alexandria Gazette, 'Saucers Seen Again Early This Morning' (Other heads of this newspaper included 'Eye-Witness story of Flying Saucers seen along Alexandria-Clarendon Axis', 'Fairfax Men See Objects on Radar On Night Watch', and 'Planes To Take Off Over River'. Haven't seen the transcripts of those. The text can't be read from the scan)
[click] July 29, 1952, Washington Post, 'Merry-Go-Round, Air Force Admission on Saucers'
[click] July 29, 1952, Washington Post, 'Jets Poised For Pursuit; 'Saucer' Peril Discounted, Unexplained Objects Over Capital Believed Physical Phenomena But Planes Are Alert'
[click] August 4 , 1952, The Sheboygan Press, 'This time it's hard to brush off those mystery "saucers"'
[click] August 4, 1952, Time Magazine, 'Blips on the Scopes'
[click] January 30, 1953, INS News, 'Saucers seen on West Coast'
[click] February 13, 1954, Scripps Howard, 'Flying Saucer Sightings Increase'
[click] May 17, 1954, European Stars and Stripes, 'Twining Says AF Probing 'Saucers''
[click] September 19, 1954, INS/Washington Post, 'Flying 'Cigar' Stops Silent Over Rome' (UFO sightings have been going on since 5 days)
[click] October 29, 1954, Washington Post, 'Clare Luce Sees A Flying Mystery'
[click] December 16, 1954, New York Times, 'President Discounts 'Saucer' From Space'
[click] 1956, Captain Edward J. Ruppelt, head of the Air Force's Project Blue Book 1951-1954, 'The Report on Unidentified Flying Objects' (important excerpts)
[click] February 18, 1957, Washington Post, 'Hitler's Arms Chief Tells of Plan to Bomb U.S. By Super-Plane, Says Reich Had Flying Saucers'
[click] September 17, 1957, Fort Pierce News-Tribune, 'Afraid Neighbors Will Laugh? - Just Tell it to Confidential Service for Flying Saucer Seers' (Article describes the credible NICAP organization and a case from 1956 with UFOs moving up to 3,600 mph, or 5,800 kph)
[click] December 22, 1958, Newark Star-Ledger, 'Pilots Ridicule AF Secrecy on Saucers'
[click] February 28, 1960, New York Times, 'Air Force Order on 'Saucers' Cited' (Includes the statement of Adm. Hillenkoeter, the first head of the CIA, that the UFO subject is deliberately ridiculed to prevent people from taking it serious or talking to others about it)
[click] July 27, 1962, Time Magazine, 'Inside the Sky'
[click] August 1, 1965, Los Angeles Times, 'Unidentified Objects Seen in Sky Again - Reports Received of Sightings on Four Continents'
[click] March 23, 1966, Los Angeles Times, 'Second Aerial Object Reported in Michigan - New Phenomenon Seen by Civil Defense Director, Assistant College Dean, Coeds'
[click] March 28, 1966, Los Angeles Times, 'New UFO Sightings Reported by Michigan Police Officers'
[click] June 3, 1966, Time Magazine, 'The swamp gas might have been particularly thick around Manhattan that day' (Knut Hammarskjöld director general of the International Air Transport Association, states he believes in UFOs)
[click] October 8, 1966, Los Angeles Times, 'Physicist Says CIA Ordered Debunking' (and that this order of the CIA had been given to the Air Force)
[click] October 12, 1966, Los Angeles Times, 'Flying Objects Reported Over East, Midwest'
[click] March 10, 1967, Los Angeles Times, 'Scores Report UFOs Over Kansas, Illinois'
[click] August 4, 1967, Time Magazine, 'A Fresh Look at Flying Saucers'
[click] August 6, 1967, Lima News (Ohio), 'Flying Saucer Invasion' (very extensive article by later well known UFO and paranormal author John A. Keel)
[click] October 10, 1967, Washington Post, 'Autopsy Finds Innards Missing, Dead Horse UFO Mystery Deepens'
[click] November 27, 1967, Los Angeles Times, 'Skyborne Mystery Objects Are High on U.N. Agenda'
[click] January 5, 1968, Washington Post, 'World-Wide Study of UFO Data Urged by Russian Astronomer'
[click] April 20, 1968, Washington Post, 'French Now Decide to Keep Check on UFOs'
[click] July 29, 1968, House Committee on Science and Astronautics
[click] December 26, 1969, Time Magazine, 'Closing the Blue Book'
[click] January 7, 1973, Los Angeles Times, 'Infinite Number'
[click] December 3, 1973, Great Falls Tribune, 'Phantom aircraft again observed north of city'
[click] September 8, 1974, Washington Post, 'Ranchers Enraged by Weird Deaths, 'Devil Cult' Sought in Nebraska Cattle Mutilations'
[click] July 20, 1975, Washington Post, 'Those 'Normal' UFO Witnesses'
[click] September 11, 1975, Los Angeles Times, 'Mutilations of Cattle: Terror in Colorado - Ranchers Arm Selves as Mystery Killings, Butchery Increase' (Huge article on cattle mutilations. It is quite in depth and completely unbiased.)
[click] October 20, 1975, Los Angeles Times, 'Television Review 'UFO' - a Couple's Nightmare' (Betty and Barney Hill case. Stanton Friedman is also featured.)
[click] October 29, 1975, Washington Post, 'Strange Cattle Mutilations Mystify Colorado'
[click] October 30, 1975, New York Times, '11 States Baffled by Mutilation of Cattle'
[click] November 19, 1975, The Missoulian, 'Missoula Man Reports UFO Near St. Ignatius' (Mentions UFOs near Minuteman missile locations)
[click] April 30, 1977, Washington Post, 'UFO Over Georgia? Jimmy Logged One' (also talks about Governor John Gilligan's sighting)
[click] December 13, 1977, National Enquirer, 'UFOs Spotted at Nuclear Bases And Missile Sites'
[click] April 7, 1978, Washington Post, 'Cooper: UFO Stories From 'Credible' Sources'
[click] November 29, 1978, Los Angeles Times, 'Argentina Reports Most Sightings - South Americans Take UFOs Seriously'
[click] January 19, 1979, Washington Post, 'What Were Those Mysterious Craft?'
[click] January 20, 1979, Los Angeles Times, 'UFO Group Wins Access to CIA Reports On Saucers; Defense Site Visits Told'
[click] November 3, 1981, Washington Post, 'Suit Seeks to Lift Secrecy Veil From Agency's UFO Documents'
[click] 1985, Dennis Stacy, 'Close Encounter with Dr. J. Allen Hynek - An Interview With The Dean'
[click] November 1986, Associated Press, 'FAA investigates JAL Flight 1628 UFO Sighting'
[click] April 16, 1990, Chicago Sun-Times, 'UFOs unidentified flying objects' (in Belgium)
[click] November 7, 1990, Chicago Sun-Times, 'Europeans unite in spotting UFOs'
[click] February 2, 1995, The Times, 'Richness of the saucer story' (UFO appears to have almost collided with airliner)
[click] August 24, 1995, New York Daily News, 'Prez' hunt for campaign cash may turn up some UFOs first' (about Laurance Rockefeller contacting the Clintons on the UFO issue)
[click] September 4, 1995, The Guardian, 'Admiral backs UFO claim'
[click] September 17, 1995, Sunday Express, detailed article about the 1989-1990 Belgium triangle sightings (picture included)
[click] December 18, 1995, New York Daily News, 'Far Out' (about Lawrance Rockefeller contacting the Clintons on the UFO issue)
[click] March 9, 1996, Daily Mail, 'So is there somebody out there, after all?'
[click] January 14, 1997, National Enquirer, 'UFOs Are Real - I've Seen Them Says NASA Astronaut' (Gordon Cooper)
[click] June 15, 1997, CNN, 'Poll: U.S. hiding knowledge of aliens'
[click] June 19, 1997, CNN, 'What were those lights in the Phoenix sky?' (screenshot of film included)
[click] August 6, 1997, Daily Mail, 'The stars who saw E.T.'
[click] September 21, 1997, Daily Mail, 'The Bonnybridge files' (good story about thousands of people having strange experiences and a city council member being ridiculed beyond belief after a completely made up smear by a UFO magazine)
[click] October 13, 1997, Las Vegas SUN / Associated Press Phoenix, 'Astronaut Says Aliens Have Landed' (includes a partial speech of Edgar Mitchell that was held at the conference)
[click] November 23, 1997, New York Post, 'Bill Wanted UFO Probe: Hubbell Book'
[click] November 25, 1997, Washington Times, 'Hubbell's assignment' (Clinton inquiring about JFK murder and UFOs through Webster Hubbell)
[click] November 27, 1997, Daily Mail, 'Alien territory' (About Bonnybridge and some of the more unnerving encounters, including an abduction)
[click] December 21, 1997, The Dallas Morning News, 'Life's great mysteries'
[click] August 18, 1999,, 'CIA Rues UFO Cover-Up'
[click] November 15, 1999, Daily Mail, 'Britain's X-Files' (summary of official UK government UFO investigator Nick Pope)
[click] January 14, 2000,, 'Sky Dragons Behind the Media Curtain: UFOs in China'
[click] April 14, 2000, Daily Mail, 'Is this Britain's spookiest place?' (About UFOs and hauntings in Longdendale)
[click] May 21, 2000, Boston Globe, 'UFO theorists gain support abroad, but repression at home'
[click] June 4, 2000, The Observer, 'Britain's UFO secrets revealed: Scientist's pressure for information opens up hidden government files on strange sightings in the sky' (documents are quoted that prove official secrecy)
[click] July 30, 2000,, 'Pioneering Astronaut Sees UFO Cover-up' (Gordon Cooper)
[click] December 17, 2000, Staten Island Advance, ''This phenomenon is real''
[click] May 9, 2001,, 'DO NOT PUBLISH: UFO Group Demands Congressional Hearing'
[click] May 20, 2001, Florida Today, 'Witnesses seek immunity, open hearings to end government coverup'
[click] May 25, 2001, Daily Mail, 'Mystery still unsolved' (about Bermuda Triangle)
[click] August 8, 2001, Florida Today, 'Rush takes aim at UFO politics' (On Disclosure Project and statements of Daniel Sheehan about Carter and Barry Goldwater about secrecy)
[click] August 19, 2001, Daily Mail, 'The Dark Secret of the Skunk Works' (Nick Cook on his anti-gravity investigations)
[click] June 23, 2002, The Observer, 'Close encounters of the Caledonian kind: Now it's official: Bonnybridge in Scotland is the UFO capital of the world'
[click] June 24, 2002, The Guardian, 'Scots lead the way for UFO sightings' (officially you have a 1 in 17,000 chance of seeing UFO in this country)
[click] July 20, 2002, Washington Post, 'As Big as Life'
[click] July 26, 2002, Washington Post, 'F-16s Pursue Unknown Craft Over Region'
[click] October 17, 2002, The Athens News (Georgia, U.S.), 'Strange happenings: Similar UFO sightings occur exactly 50 years apart'
[click] October 25, 2002,, 'UFOs: Seeking the Truth Through Savvy Marketing' (quotes former Clinton White House Chief of Staff John Podesta on need for disclosure)
[click] December 4, 2002, Daily Mail, 'Visitors from another planet'
[click] February 18, 2004, St. Petersburg Times, 'Astronaut: We've had visitors'
[click] April 18, 2004, Sunday Times, 'Britain's UFO files fly into cyberspace'
[click] April 28, 2004, WorldNetDaily, 'Dozens of UFO sightings excite Iran'
[click] December 25, 2004, Jerusalem Post, 'Iran air force vows to defend nuclear facilities'
[click] December 30, 2004, WorldNetDaily, 'Iran, Russia to study UFOs - Scientific probe amid rash of sightings in Eastern Hemisphere'
[click] December 30, 2004, Mosnews, 'Russia Joins Iran in Fighting UFO’s'
[click] February 2, 2005, Daily Mail, 'Britain's Real X-Files'
[click] April 17, 2005, The Independent, 'The Truth is Here'
[click] July 7, 2005, The McDowell News, 'Cattle mutilation alive and well today'
[click] September 13, 2005, Toronto Star, 'The Paul Hellyer files: The truth is out there'
[click] December 19, 2005, Mosnews, 'UFO Sightings in Russia — Wrap up for 2005'
[click] December 25, 2005, The Colorado Gazette, 'Was it UFOs? Mystery haunts eastern plains'
[click] May 4, 2007, The Independent, 'Is the truth really out there? At last, the MoD opens its files.'

Compiled by : Joël van der Reijden
Original: September 27, 2005
Updated: April 24, 2010